Friday, September 20, 2013

Pinterest Pin Test: Chalkboard Art or Where do you keep your Stuff and Junk? Just askin'

So I'm feeling quite full of myself because I actually have a second edition of the Pinterest Pin Test.  Shocking that I could keep my tiny little brain focused on one idea for more than a week.  I have found that 40 something-induced ADD might be a real affliction.

Have you seen all of the Chalkboard or Subway Art out there on Pinterest?  It pops up all over the place and for me it's very appealing simply because......

1.  I'm a doodler
2.  I love words and letters.

I would love to meet a "real" Subway artist (graffiti artist.)  Maybe I know one and I don't even realize it. Maybe one of the PTO moms is an underground graffiti artist..... imagine the possibilities.  Back to Pinterest.  The ideas I have seen are more related to holidays or words of encouragement which are great and I'm pro all of this things.  For example,

So true.... 

Adorbs, right?

Love them.  They are darling.  So perfect and amazing.  Can I replicate this?  Doubtful but I'm ambitious.  I love a good challenge.  So I went looking for something to paint..... I've got enough crap laying around here at the hive.  I must have something to slap some Subway art on to...... for sure.


Okay, look at this thing.  A great metal container with the word "HERBS" printed on it.   This is the biggest "HERBS" container I have ever seen and why do I own it?  What kind of "HERBS" do you keep in a container this size?  How much marjoram, fennel or sage can one kitchen house?    Well, I feel I can get rid of the "HERBS" and doctor this bad boy up a bit.  I love me some doctoring.....

So, there's primer.  One must prime.  Seriously, priming is important and clearly I did it when the sun was behind me.

Okay, primer did it's job.  Congratulations Primer.  We, Here at the Hive, are very proud of you.  Now, how about a little Chalkboard Paint? (flat black, let's face it.)

 Ready for some font?  Can't hand draw it?  Who can?   So I chose to print out some Fonts that aren't readily hand drawn.  Please.   And trace.  Tracing is GOOD!  I chose the saying "STUFF and JUNK" it fits our life.

So Print, add to it with fancy hand drawn scrolls and embellishments.  Then cover the back of it with chalk to make an imprint.  You are going to trace the Printable over your chalkboard with a pencil and pray to the Crafty Gods that it shows up enough that you can only do a little touch up.  Being honest folks, it takes some time and some erasing and some patience.

So Dudes!  It looks pretty good, it's all chalk.  I can change the message whenever.  Chalkboard Art is not easy but I am so glad I tried it.

What do you think we have in the "Stuff and Junk" container?  Guess away.  Where do you keep your Stuff and Junk?


  1. WOOOHOOOO!! WEEK TWO !!! now that you have this under your belt, whats next, Disney?! :) really, i'm not kidding. nice work. my guess for stuff and junk?
    whiffle balls? mismatched gloves?

  2. stuff and junk... well that my friend... can go anywhere in my house..... but I would see it on my stairs. There are always little tiny piles of this and that ( stuff and junk) on a stair, or two, or three......


Thanks Carol@ Songberries