Saturday, May 21, 2011

Regarding the Rapture

While driving home from a swim meet, the following dialogue occurred.

Q:  "Mom, what time is it?"

Me:  "It's 4:52."

Q:  "So, an hour and 8 minutes until the end of the world?"

Me: "Well, it's 6:00 somewhere."

Q: "Then, we're good??"

Me: "Yep, hon.  I think we're good."

Q:  "Okay, good."

We survived another day or Heaven looks exactly the same as our everyday life.  Wait... is this Hell?  (kidding.)


  1. hee hee... i have to say, i was aware of what time it was yesterday afternoon... glad i didn't have to get through an earthquake. glad.

  2. hahahahaaaa! that is one for the books!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries