Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If the Three Stooges were into pottery, their names would be Pinch, Roll and Slab.

A few weeks ago, on a Saturday, Ladycakes and I met two other Mother/Daughter Teams at the Kimball Arts Center to take a little hand-built ceramics class.  Ladycakes and I were giddy.  Together we would construct a birdhouse from clay.

The woman who taught the class makes amazing birdhouses that she sells at a local gallery.  We had seen them before and were thrilled to be learning something new.

The girls listened intently, the instructions seemed to go on forever.  All we really wanted to do is get our hands on some clay.  And once that happened........

We got serious!  It was fun to just let the clay do it's thing, which was the instructor's advice.  As she said, "Listen to the clay."  Here is our creation once glazed and pre-fire.

The proud artist, who was less than pleased that we couldn't take it home immediately.  Pottery is a nice lesson in patience.

These are our wonderful friends.  Turtles took up residence on their birdhouse.  It was adorable.

Karen and her daughter made this beauty.  I love the poppies on the sides and the perch they added.

So today, I picked up the finished product.   Ta Da!  

It turned out so cool.  Nothing broke off in the firing.  The glaze looks great, it's tough to tell when you are painting it on.

Taking a class with your child is enlightening.  We both learned something new, we worked together and it was a blast.  I highly recommend it.  Now we are turned on to pottery and Ladycakes wants to trying a throwing class.  I say bring it on!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Is PBR causing my BPV?

I've been a terrible friend.  I apologize.  My posting has been infrequent.  My posting has been unpredictable.  It's "peri-posting."  One doesn't know how to diagnose it.  It's frustrating and sweaty.  Actually, not so sweaty but wait totally sweaty for all the wrong reasons. Read on and you will understand.   I've been uninspired and over-scheduled.  I think perhaps I've used just about every adjective that describes my generation.  Yikes, it's come to that.

So. BPV?  What the hell is that you ask?  Here are some thoughts...
1.  Baby Post Vacation
2.  Bubbly Poetic Voice ***
3.  Bossy Pushy Visitor
4.  Bodacious Popular Vest
5.  Blissfully Punk Vixen  ***
6.  Bottom Planted Violet
7.  Blinding Planet Vector
8.  Beautiful Peaceful Voyage  ***

*** these indicate possible explanations for my situation.  I like to think in a weird way these kind of explain my character.

However!  BPV  stands for Benign Positional Vertigo and hell yes, I've got it.

It sucks.  I am super dizzy and it makes me feel sick.  Awful.  It won't last forever.   Thank goodness.  But for now, I have to actually explain, "I'm not walking like this because I am drunk, I am super dizzy for other reasons and watch out, I might throw up on you!"

I'd rather be drunk, that I enjoy!

Please, because a little laughter goes a LONG way, offer what you would describe as BPV.  I must know!  I miss all of you in a very weird way.  Dizzy as I may be, I still like all of you!

And, btw PBR probably doesn't help my  BPV but Holy Cow, have you met my TYA5?

Peace out and bed spins used to mean I was drunk!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hope your day doesn't involve breakfast in bed....it's just messy!

This is my Mother's Day loveliness.  Mr. Handsome and I found these shelves at our local Recycle Center.  For $2.00 a piece, I couldn't pass them up.  After a little sanding and painting, I have just what I wanted and needed.  This is my honey pot collection.  It's something I have been working on for a few years.  It's something I will continue to work on.  Some are old (I love these the most) some are new (It's fun to find ceramic artists that make honey pots.)  

My honeypots have been hiding in the pantry.  Now they are out for all to see and for me to dust.  Along with the shelves, the black amethyst pot on the top shelf is new (to me.)  It's beautiful and unusual.

Tomorrow we hope to be outside, hiking and just enjoying each other's company.  It is such a privilege to celebrate this holiday.  And, have it be about me.  I feel so lucky and loved.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you out there.  Enjoy your day, it's all about you!

Thanks Carol@ Songberries