Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two years later, I am a little closer.

Two years ago, Q received these awesome baseball pins and patches for Christmas.  The miniature bat dates back to Mr. Handsome's childhood.  For two years, I have been relocating these pins and patches trying to figure out what to do with them.  I wanted to frame them but holy cow, have you seen the price of framing?  And, I figured I needed a shadowbox, which I instead used for my craft swap!  Duh!

So, I decided to get on this project.  Honestly, two years?  I bought a frame at Wal-mart, which I hate to admit.  And removed the glass.  Using an old Atlas, because did I mention I hold on to EVERYTHING!  I came up with a "mat" of sorts.

Okay, obviously Massachusetts because we are dealing with the Red Sox here.  We are fans.  This looks good just by itself.  Why haven't I been using this Atlas that I have had since 1985!

Next I tied in the bat.  Foam-core behind the mat makes this possible.  Stuck in the pins and glued on the patches.  It makes for a very nice art installment.  Easy and if I had ordered it from Pottery Barn it would have cost $98.00.

Okay, so now you should ask,  "Jen, how does it look hanging in Q's room?"  And, I will answer, "I don't know, it is currently propped on the floor next to his bookshelf."  Which is probably where it will be for the next 2 years.  One step at a time.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Okay, I was having United States Postal Service anxiety.  I am a bit of a control freak with the need for immediate gratification.  Born in 1969, there has to be something to that.    I was sure that the bad attitude of the Postal worker who handled this precious package a week ago, who had an attitude that you would not believe, was a serious problem.  Shocking!  A customer, because sorry, if you show up at the post office you are actually a "customer"  asked to use a pen.  A pen, the post office doesn't supply them, "because people steal them."  REALLY?  The postal worker offered a pen, begrudgingly, and said "As long as you give it back."

Fer reals, this is how we talk to customers?  It is SO ANNOYING.  And of course, I commented, because I cannot let that kind of behavior go, it should be called out and recognized for it's LAMENESS!

Well, after commenting to the awful postal worker,I made fun of what he said, because you don't talk to people like that and handing over my precious creation  I began to worry.(He was terribly nice to me and check the link for why I think this is the case.  ;})     Long story, short.  It arrived.  She liked it.  I am so happy.  She's terribly creative and I am excited to follow her blog, cuz she does cool stuff.  Check tifandtheboys.blogspot.com

Thank you so much Urban Craft for making this happen.  This was a great first time craft swap experience.  I'll do it again.  I loved it!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tired of waiting? Well wait no more!

The big reveal.  I made you wait a full 24 hours.  I can't believe I had the self-control to wait.  I have been coveting my swap item.  So here you go.... check this out!

Isn't he AMAZING!  He is a Cloud Seeder tree from this Meomi inspiration.  The craftsmanship is remarkable.  Not only is he super cute but he is quite mischievous.  Look where he's been in the last 24 hours.

Here, he is reading an Octonauts book.  He was thrilled to see we have them in our collection.

Studying the globe.  Turns out he's a geography nut.  Who knew?!

Climbing out of my purse.  He had been going through my wallet looking for some spending money.  Fool!

I found him in the refrigerator this afternoon.  He was hoping for an afternoon, caffeine pick me up but he doesn't drink "diet."  He claims the Nutra-sweet leaves a funny taste in his mouth.

He decided to check the pantry.  I think he might have eaten a whole box of Chicken in a Biscuits!

He feels very at home here.  And, The Cat said she doesn't mind giving him a ride every once in awhile.  I think they are going to be good friends.

In all seriousness, I love this.  Karen, you rocked it.  He will live a long and happy life Here at the Hive. Where he will reside is yet to be determined.  Maybe my studio, maybe on the mantel above the fireplace.  Maybe on our bookshelf.  Or maybe all over the place.

I love him!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I am in AWE! And could become a Swapaholic.

This package arrived in my mailbox yesterday.  The anticipation and excitement was overwhelming.  It was like Christmas morning.  Ladycakes was home from school and could hardly contain her excitement as well.

In my effort to avoid receiving a "You suck at blogging" Award, I photographed the next step.  Look at how cute this postcard is, straight from the Vancouver Olympics.  The butterflies in my stomach were fluttering at top speed at this point.  On the back of that postcard?  The nicest note from none other than Karen from Urban Craft, you know the gal who organized this swap.  Oh yea, I said it, THE ORGANIZER!  All I can say is, how did I luck out?  What stars were aligned on that day?  And thank God I didn't have to send something to her!  So are you ready?  Wanna see?  Wanna See?

Well, I'll show you tomorrow!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

SPOILER ALERT! If you are Tif from Beaverton turn back now!

As promised I am sharing my creation for the Craft Swap I am participating in, sponsored by Urban Craft.

Of course, I have mentioned it was a Meomi inspired craft.  If you don't know Meomi, you don't know craft.   I was going to say shit but that seemed inappropriate.  I will admit.  I didn't know Meomi before doing this swap and I am hooked.  This is my kinda stuff.  I LOVE MEOMI.  The illustrations are ridiculous.  The colors are incredible.  If I studied art (why didn't I study art?)  I would have studied this brilliance.  It's happy, smart and cute.  I love the cuteness.    Sooooo.....without further ado.....here is my craft swap swapiness.

This is my paper/fabric collage of my interpretation of The Octonauts.  Here I have constructed an Octonaut Aquarium.

This photo helps give an small example of the dimension, there is dimension, I swear!  And, that bottle in the front...it's special Octonaut food.  Yummy.

This is the back.  It follows the back of the Meomi books with a cute little message.  This has been super fun for me.  I love the challenge.  I hope Tif loves it too.  Fingers crossed?!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Erin Go Braugh, and then I ran an errand and bought a bra!

St. Patrick's Day was eventful in an uneventful way.  Aside from the normal schedule, there were a few side trips.  Check it out.

Elvis's preschool was totally "green" for St. Patrick's Day and went to our local Recycle Center.  It happens to be one of my most favorite places.  The pack rat, creative sort loves this kind of place.  It is a world of endless possibilities.

We saw a rainbow of caps and what not in one particular bin.  This makes me so happy I could cry.  There a million things that could be done with this "garbage."

Recycling and Rainbow Jello Rock my World.  Just call me Kermit!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Ms. Sampson, I Double-Dog Dare You!

The other night I actually Double-Dog Dared my friend, Jamie.  An AMAZING photographer whose work I love and respect.  She bought a crazy t-shirt but was worried about wearing it.  She needs to embrace her inner t-shirt-wearer and wear it proudly.  Let me give you a couple of examples of how you do that.

Example #1

Now this is a thrift store t-shirt I couldn't pass up.  Man shirt yes. But it's AC/DC and worn so it's like old AC/DC and it was two bucks....so you buy it, right?  Right.

And then, if you have a shirt like this, you can ask your husband to photograph you acting like a fool, or yourself.  Mr. Handsome, you make me look emo-cool.  Thank you darling!

Dear Ms. Sampson, I double-dog dare you to take that Edward Cullen shirt and wear it baby!  Wear it like you stole it.  Which I know you didn't!

">And by the way, I'm back in black, hit the sack, I'm glad to be back!

And please don't judge me by the size of my fingers! ;)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Crafts, Bikes and Carrot Legs

So I am wrapping up my craft swap project.  Initially it was to be framed in a black shadowbox frame but I just wasn't feelin' the black.  Too harsh for those sweet little Octonauts.  It was a nice day today so Elvis and I broke out his bike and my spray paint and this girl got busy.

I also got started on a couple of lamps I found at the thrift store.  I failed to take "before" pictures but they were ugly and will look better.  I'll show them when they are complete.  But check the frame.  Nice, no?  It will be SO much better.

Elvis rode his bike. Yes we still have snow.  Quite a bit.  But today gave us a glimpse of Spring, I can't wait.

Now onto a totally unrelated but "happened today so I will mention it" subject.  This is why I like helping with dinner.  Mr. Handsome is the chef in this house but I occasionally offer up some suggestions. Tonight we went with a Tikki Masala Curry.  My suggestion and I thought adding some veggies was a good idea.  Being the sous-chef at the Hive I am in charge of chopping etc.

Look what I came across!

  Oh yes, those are carrot legs ladies and gentlemen. Gorgeous, crazy carrot gams.  That carrot is one "tall, drink of water."  They didn't make it into the curry, I am saving them.  Hoping that some vegetable swap might show up sometime soon and I can construct a body for those legs.  Rutabaga breasts.  Radish cheeks.  She will be the hottest vegetable in town.  This is why you should eat your vegetables!

Va, Va, Voom for Veggies!  It's a whole new campaign.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

May Potty Talk Reign!

I didn't die.  Seriously.  I'm still here.  Totally uninspired but ALIVE!  That's good right?  The breathing part, not the uninspired part.  It's still Winter here and is going to become even more wintery in the next few days.  I'm tired of Winter.  I need the freshness of Spring.  I have a few ideas but can't quite get them in motion.  It goes back to the uninspired part.

In the meantime, I am hoping to go help Elvis's preschool class construct these bad boys!  Q had some creative writing to do and was stuck.  The theme was "How do you find a Leprechaun?"  I tried prying out of him facts about Leprechauns.  They like.....?   They look like....?  They are what size?  It was like pulling teeth.  Then I remembered, "Oh yea, yer 9 and a boy.  You like gross stuff."  Quick backstory, my bees believe in Leprechauns, we celebrate our Irish heritage, they BELIEVE in these little bugggers.  So in an effort to get Q to finish his homework, I suggested a little unknown fact about Leprechauns.

Did you know Leprechauns fart rainbows?  They do.

The 9 year old was suddenly inspired.  He finished his homework.  Battle Won!

Break out the Gross Guns, Mothers!  They work.  Bring on that which is inappropriate and the appropriate behavior suddenly appears.  Love and Logic ain't got nothin' on this philosophy.  May potty talk reign!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Swaptacular Craftasm or Swap Fever

So the Swap.  You know, the one I mentioned.  The Meomi inspiration swap.  I got me some swap fever.   I decided today was the day I started.  Stop dragging my feet.  Stop worrying that my item won't turn out.  It's not a competition, Jen just get started.

So I pulled out all of my paper.  Which btw is way more than I remember having and clearly my hording needs to be professionally diagnosed.  Found just what I needed in my stash.  I am going with a paper and fabric collage.  Throwing in a little high-tech use of my heat transfer machine and hopefully everything will come together.  You can see The Octonauts in the background.  They are my inspiration.  Cute little characters that I wish really existed.  I would love to have a fish tank full of Octonauts.  Way cuter than a sea-monkey.

This is all you get of it today.  There will be more.

Thanks Carol@ Songberries