Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is not how I intend to celebrate Easter!

This happened today. THIS!  Really?  Enough already.  Q actually said, "I THOUGHT it was SPRING?" And, uh yes, he wore shorts to school.  The boy thinks he can fool Mother Nature. It's not spring.  It's winter.  I plowed 10 inches of snow off the driveway today.  And, I am bitter.  I thought Easter was about new, kicky sandals, springy skirts, pretty pastel colors (aside from all of it's "religious" stuff.)  How do you have an Easter egg hunt in THIS?

I mean really!  You are NOT going to see any little spring birdie birds bathing their little feathers in that bad boy.  No Sir.

We are going to dye some eggs.  Trying brown because there is a rumor circulating that they really give off a "rich" color.  Plus that's what we eat and I had them in the fridge.  Although I am considering just hucking them out into the snow and encouraging the little bees to "just go for it."  It will make the hunt last longer that's for sure.

And while I'm at it, for April.  My One Small Change is right here.

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This is awesome, I found it clicking here and then clicking there and then clicking again.  Find it yourself and join in.

Some cool stuff to show tomorrow.  Tune in.......


  1. Your easter is looking like my easter.
    6 inches so far today and should snow all night!
    How am I supposed to hide eggs outside?

  2. Thanks for commenting over at my blog. You have a nice creative spot here yourself. I'm not too sure about that snow! It is a lovely 70 F here this morning.

  3. Oh yuck! I'm sorry about your snow! I won't even tell you about how sunny and warm it was here today. (oops. Bet the Karma on that one is going to suck!)

    We dyed a couple of brown eggs and they did turn out really, really nice! The green one in particular was just gorgeous! I think we'll do half white and half brown next year.

    Hope your kids fare well at your egg hunt! Happy Easter :)

  4. Pretty! You got way more than we did. I hope yours is all gone. Did you have a good Easter?

  5. I agree.... An Easter with snow, is really just not that Easter-ie


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