Saturday, April 10, 2010

Why was the baby ant confused?

We decided to seek Spring.  Head to a lower elevation and find us some Spring, damn it.  A bud, a blade, a nest, SOMETHING.  Found it.  Found it!

He was at the beginning of our journey.  Needed to get his head out on the highway and breathe in some Spring air.  Like a dog in a car, he was loving every minute of it!

You can see the snow on the mountains in the background, but Spring is showing by the river.

See the algae in the river?  So green.

Interesting seed pods.  Ready to bust....really cool looking.

Kids "pretend" fishing.  On a rock, in a river.  Awesome.  So happy.

The answer is.... because all of his uncles were ants.  Get it?  See title and revist.  All of his uncles were ants.  Hilarious.


  1. that horse look like he is smiling! great photo!

  2. I know exactly where this is! Very cool.

  3. I need spring too! This weather is nuts! Snow and then sun and then snow and then sun.... I just want sun! :)

  4. Those pictures are wonderful. I especially like the snowy mountains and your children "fishing". Warm wishes.


Thanks Carol@ Songberries