Thursday, July 12, 2012

One Step Closer to Being the Home of the Worldest Largest Refrigerator

I've been hiding.

Hiding from the dust, the filth, the financial impact.

 I've been hiding from the kitchen remodel.

 Let's face it.  It's ugly.  It's messier than you expect, it takes longer than you expect and it ALWAYS costs more than you expect.

I know, this is not new information.  But we all jump into these ideas with pictures pulled from magazines, a Pinterest board overflowing with loveliness and full on blind ambition.  It's so fun to be naive and childlike until you get a big fat smack in the face by a piece of crown molding that cost you more than your 14 year olds braces.

Okay not really, Mr. Handsome put the kibosh on the solid gold crown molding.... he felt it might, oddly enough "cheapen" the space.

But because all 22 of you are dying to know what the hell is going on here at the hive.... I will pleasure you with some pictures (I figured going with an "adult" metaphor I might pick up a few comments or followers.)

So for your viewing pleasure (to make the experience even more exciting see the post before this to get the full effect, kind of like a flip book from the olden days)







I realize my photography skills are not ideal.  I would have mapped it out if I were a professional blogger.  I would have put an X on the floor and shot from the same spot.  But wait, oh that's right ...

1. I am not a professional blogger.
2. I am currently not living in the space and wait for it......
3. I have 3 children that are so busy it's mind blowing!  Okay, I'm good.

It looks lovely.  We are thrilled with what is happening.

For those of you curious about sources or how we are doing this on a TIGHT budget, ask away.   I am happy to share what I am learning, what I am sacrificing and how I think you can do this without spending what the professionals tell you to spend.  It certainly isn't DIY.  Sadly, we just don't have the time for that but someday I could see Mr. Handsome and myself taking on a few projects by our little ol' selves.

Party on people.  Next time you see me perhaps there will be countertops.  If you are good, I might do a dance on them for you (totally not meant to be an adult metaphor.)


  1. That's exciting! Looks like it's getting there! - Mags

  2. WooHoo!!! Beautiful cabinets!!!
    I miss you in the hood tho...:(

    1. Thanks Madam. I miss being in the hood.... :( I feel extremely out of sorts. Can't wait for you to see. Paint colors have been my latest obsession. I think I've figured it out. Hugs.

  3. It looks beautiful!! I love the cabinets and I can't wait to see the finished kitchen. Hang in there and try not to go crazy in the meantime : )



Thanks Carol@ Songberries