Friday, July 27, 2012

When Pinterest and Real Life Collide....that's supposed to happen right?

I hang around Pinterest.  Not too obsessed but when I can't sleep it's a great joint.  And I don't mean "joint" in a "doob" kind of way more of a "library" kind of way.    I find some interesting stuff there.  Food, nail polish, hot guys in a creepy kind of hot guy way (not my fav), some religious stuff I could do without but what the hell, it's there and I can skip over it and I see some GREAT ideas that suit my current sitch (as Kim Possible would say.)

So today,  I took one of those "sitches" and am making it my own.   I am re-using my pantry door in a new spot.  It's a door with a glass front.  Back story, we live in a "model" home  (oh how far I could take that nonsense.)   As a model, having the pantry door with clear glass obviously opens the space.  In real life, a clear glass pantry door drives one crazy.

With the remodel, the entrance to the pantry is in a new place.  Awesome.  Because we are counting our pennies, we are using the old pantry door.  I don't want it to be see through anymore.  I'm taking care of that.  Thank you Pinterest.

Door, covered in black contact paper with lines and math and lines and stuff.

Door from another angle.  And yes,  it is currently the door to HELL which sadly is so appropriate and inappropriate at the same time.

Praying to Hades that my door way to HELL turns out.  I meeeaaannn, here's hoping that step one leads to a great step two and that when you come to my house you always, always feel welcome.

Progress people.  Progress.

Please add Kim Possible Theme Song to my Life Soundtrack.  Beep Me. Anytime you need me.



  1. is it going to keep saying HELL?! woah. adventuress in the pantry... my moments of joinging pinterest to real life are some of my proudest, makes me feel like my time on the internets is made valid! :)

    1. Hee, Hee! No it is not going to say "HELL" It's going to say "HELLO" The "O" has been the most challenging part. I'll share pics when it's done.

  2. This made me laugh. I can't imagine how a glass pantry door would be a wonderful idea... You did the door proud by covering it.... I would have done the same thing.


Thanks Carol@ Songberries