Friday, August 10, 2012

Racing to the Finish Line

Remodeling a kitchen is all consuming.  It is pretty much all I think, talk and worry about.  Our remodel has probably taken the "normal" amount of time but it seems like it's moved at a snail's pace.  Some of the foot dragging was my fault.  Spending large amounts of money makes my head spin.  Finding the best deals takes extra time.  I had to do some research to get the most for our money.

With that being said, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  It's getting to the end and I am so pleased with the results.

I am a big fan of the blog  I wish I could DIY the way they do.  I've relied on sub-contractors for most of this project.  I did some drywall work and I painted but the rest has been left to the hand's of experts.  Mr. Handsome did bust out his tools yesterday and attached all of the cabinet pulls.  He fashioned a template and did an amazing job.  Not only did it save us some money but it gave us both a sense of accomplishment.

We do realize that some this work could be done by us.  We are smart individuals, we just lack a little confidence.  In the future, we have decided that tackling some the work ourselves will be step one of any project.

From here:

To here:

And from here:

To here:

Today the appliances go in.  Seeing the finish line........ MUST PUSH FORWARD!!!

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  1. WOOOHOOOOOOO!!! appliances mean USER-FRIENDLY!!
    looks pretty beautiful Hivey... onward and upwards!!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries