Friday, October 26, 2012

Dear Blog,
       I apologize for my absence.  I have not forgotten you.  You really are important to me.  I have been so overwhelmed with the real world that my digital world has been negelected.  Please forgive me.

       Yours faithfully,


Okay, thank you letting me take care of that little piece of business.  I have so much guilt and needed to make a formal apology.  Soooooo, what's new???  Everybody good?  Good.

I'm inspired to be here because Ladycakes has her own little bloggyboo and I want to help her stay inspired.  Believe it or not, she has an incredibly progressive, creative Honors English (brag,brag) teacher who has his students produce their own blogs. So Lily's Craft Cloud is alive and kickin'.   And that means, this post is about to take a crafty turn.... HOLD ON TIGHT.

Via Instagram.... I shared this little teaser.

The costume Ladycakes is constructing requires green leggings.  I have found through experience buying "blanks" (white items) and dying them is the most cost effective way to go.  Dharma Trading is my go to supplier for this type of stuff.

Now, for another teaser.  And as it may seem, NO!, we are not still working on the kitchen, but it's still not done.  Don't ask.

This is another costume in progress.  Give it your best shot.  What do you think?

The boys have costumes in the developmental stages.  I will share sneek peeks of those when the time comes..... maybe November 1.

How are you haunting at your Hive?  (alliteration attracts an audience)

Add "Faithfully" by Journey to My Life Soundtrack.

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  1. oh my god, journey. thank you. !! a good way to spend the early morning.
    SO GLAD to see your crafting genius is still at work, SO GLAD. can't wait to see what its all for... yay hive!!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries