Thursday, June 6, 2013

Operation Ass-Kicking Overdrive (which is just a tough way of saying "Responsible Parenting" but what fun is that?)

It's been awhile.  It was nice to take a little break from this here bloggy boo.  When it feels like a chore, it's time to step away for a bit.   But wait.... I shouldn't say that because then this whole post is a huge waste of time!!

I'm feeling inspired today.  I've been editing some things in our lives Here at the Hive.  While editing, I found some things that reminded me of the energy and creativity that has been dorment for awhile.   My summer goal is to wake up that sleepy energy and foggy creativity and revisit my old self.

Today, I finalized the Summer Chore Lists for the children in this household.  For those that asked, I am posting them here.  This is generally a very successful program for us.  So, here goes.  Sorry it's long.

The 8 year old's Chore List

1. Feed the dog everyday.
2. Scoop dog poop. (Mon,Wed,Fri)
3. Pick 2 slips from the Chore Jar everyday.
4. Make sure your room is picked up daily, including the closet.
5. Sort, Fold and Put Away your laundry.
6. Decide on one Family Activity for the week.
8. Sweep the kitchen floor everyday.

The 12 year old's Chore List

1. Mow the lawn weekly.
2. Plan and Prepare one dinner a week with your sister.
4.  Clean your bathroom once a week.
5. Decide on one Family Activity for the week.
6. Dust, Vacuum and Straighten your bedroom weekly.
7. Sort, Fold and Put Away your laundry.
8.  Write a letter to one person of your choice once a week. Mail and wait for a response.
9. Choose 3 rooms to vacuum other than your room once a week.
10.  Work with Mom and Dad on home improvement projects. 
11. Vacuum and Detail Mom's car once a week.
12. Pump gas into Mom's car at each fill-up

The 15 year old's Chore List

1.  Keep your room clean and organized.  Re-organize your closet.
2. Plan and Prepare one dinner a week with your brother.
4. Clean your bathroom weekly.
5. Pick one Family Activity for the week.
6.  Participate in Driver's Education and get Driver's Permit.
7.  Learn basic car care, operation and gas pumping.
8.  Babysit, Pet-sit or any job outside of our house.  Invest in your savings account.
9.  Memorize your Social Security Number.
10.  Sort, Wash, Fold and Put Away your laundry.  
11.  File paperwork for Mom and Dad.
12.  Take an art class.
13.  Assist Mom and Dad with home improvement projects.
14. Pick one room other than your bedroom to dust weekly.

The Family Activities can be anything from going on a hike to roasting marshmallows.  It is my hope that the ideas they come up with will be creative and not cost much or any money.  I put this one in because as parents we feel like we play "Cruise Director" a lot.  We want the kids to take on some of this responsibility.  Oddly enough, Ladycakes announced that the Family Activity chore is the hardest one on her list.

The Chore Jar is something that I learned from my mom.  Years ago, she made a chore jar for herself.  It was her way of doing those odd chores that you don't always think of or aren't part of the regularly scheduled chores.  When my kids were little, I made a chore jar to introduce the idea of chores and to help us with activities for the summer months.  It felt more like a game if you had to reach into a jar!

Chore Jar Examples

Sweep the front porch
Clean out the coupon folder
Wash the dog
Set the table for dinner (make it fancy!)

One thing Mr. Handsome and I are realizing is the shift that is taking place in our parenting.  Of course, as parents our styles and methods change as often and as quickly as our children grow.  However, we have been in a pretty comfortable routine for quite a few years now but we see a need for a change.  Because we are parenting a teen and tween, we are becoming more aware of the life skills they need. The things that come naturally to us as adults (pumping gas) are totally new to them.  You forget this when you are living the daily grind.  So, if some of the things on the list seem strange, stop and think.....Does my kid know how to do that?  You might be surprised.

Happy Summer Peeps.  We won't be "choring it up" all the time. We plan to kick back and have some fun and just enjoy each other's company!

Add "Working 9 to 5" by Dolly Parton to my Life Soundtrack.


  1. my god, i feel like i should bookmark this for my future. i can't believe your kids are so OLD! shoot. and EVERYTHING gets better with a little Dolly. i think... (missed you.) impressed by the chore list and how actually helpful to the running of a household that it might be... really. (missed you.)

  2. that is a great perspective.... If I stop and think, there are tons of things that O should be able to do... and doesnt. hmmm... shift thinking, now!


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