Monday, September 9, 2013

Etching Glass with Martha Stewart Etching Cream. Oh and deciding I should give this spot a little attention.

Well, Howdy.  Thanks for stopping by.  I've been negligent. Actually, I've been parenting and living.  But I've forgotten to take care of this little spot.  My spot.  So, welcome back, to both of us.

I've decided to open with a revisit.  I left you (and myself) hanging on a project that I was so excited about a year ago!  So without further ado, I'd like to show you how my doorway to Hell turned out.

What?  What did this crazy woman just say?   Well, last I left you, I had a door that looked like this.....

And then after additional sketches and a whole lot of cutting with an Exacto knife, it looked like this.....

Then, I enlisted Martha and her Etching Cream.   Now, Martha usually uses her cream on small little pieces.  A monogrammed wine glass?  yep.  A vase with a jazzy design?  you betcha.  But a big old door with big old letters?  It was a leap of faith people.  A LEAP OF FAITH!

It turned out great!  It totally worked!  Don't be afraid to try Martha's etching cream on a big project.  This was a big project and we are thrilled with the results.  Our see through pantry (careful how you read that) now has a fun graphic message and gives a bare wall A LOT of interest.   The cream is not cheap but if you save your Michael's coupons it's completely do-able.

Alright..... get your creative on.  Wednesdays are now my "Pinterest Test" days.  So keep your eye out. I will be trying out a "pin" that I think is interesting and see if it really works.  

Hugs all around.  I've missed this.  This Stella is thinking about getting her groove back....... seriously.


  1. !! thats AWESOME!! i'm just about ready to pin you and make the world of pinteresters completely jealous... way to go, crafty maven...

    1. You are the best! Thank you! Read you with every new post and send positive vibes daily!

  2. I always wondered how that door turned out!!! dude, it is fabulous!!!


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