Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Last Day of School! But wait, I'm not ready!

So.... sorry for my absence.  I have been busy with musical performances, totally lame preschool graduations, last minute assignments, a Renaissance Faire, a new job, allergies, felt making, "what the hell are we having for dinner"ing.  And, a random orthodontist appointment.  So nothing really.  Just kidding!

Tomorrow is the last day of school. Happily, we do not have any snow in the forecast.  You laugh.  I cry.  It's been a long "sprinter"  and no, that's not a mis-spelling.  It's been Spring and Winter here.  It's LAME!

I love teachers.  They amaze me.  I was a teacher.  But, I didn't understand the power, the influence.  I knew it but didn't appreciate it from a parent's perspective.  NOW, I understand.  You people are amazing.

I am that parent that makes shit.  I make a present.  I like to make presents for people.  I think about them the entire time I am making their gift.  I also like to receive handmade gifts.  Okay, I'm a weirdo?  NO!

Hopefully, next year, the teachers aren't saying "Do you have that Q kid and his brother Elvis, cuz their mom is a handmade gift giver!  Sorry for you.  No Starbucks gift certificate.  No $10.00 Visa card.  It's all handmade.  Oh good luck with that!."

Here's this year's.  I like them.   I am proud of them.  I hope the teachers agree and appreciate how much time and love I understand that they put into every day.  I get them.

The bottles are an entire different post.  It, unfortunately, dives heavy into my psyche. We'll do that later. 

I have painted them  Added a tag.  Will then add flowers.  I love these people, they deserve paint, flowers and felt. 

Here are some more photos....

Close up of gold heart.

A message to each teacher.   With flowers. Such cute flowers.

Thank you teachers. Thank you moms.  Thank you dads.   Thank you for incredible public education.  Thank you Spring.  We are ready.

Hold on to your seats, it's SUMMER!


  1. I love the vases, what great teachers gifts! You are so clever and I'm sure the teachers won't think they're lame!
    I love the new season, sprinter, lol, that is perfect! I might stell it from you! I got to spend 3 wks in Maine at my daughters, she's having sprinter too, just never had the snow we had just rain.

  2. I think this is a great idea!!!!! and a teacher would be crazy not to be stoked to have your children in their class! Unique, and fun!

  3. SHUT UP! These are fabulous Jen! I love the "heart of gold" idea and the colors are awesome. Good work!

  4. oh my those are awesome teacher gifts. Do the teachers get mad cause you may be more crafty than they are? I'm gonna steal your gift ideas when the boy hit school age. I remember we used to give them things like nail polish gift sets and other lame stuff like that.
    Speaking of lame, one day those pre-ks are gonna find out you called their graduations lame and be mad at you.

  5. very cute, very thoughtful, much better than a $10 visa gift cards or one to starbucks. :)


Thanks Carol@ Songberries