Friday, October 15, 2010

Pick Me! Pick Me! I want to be a Snowmama!

I will go to desperate measures.  Clearly, I already have!  Hopefully this gets your attention.  The Park City Mountain Resort has a great program where independent contractors (Snowmamas and Snowpapas) offer helpful advice and answer questions for families that are planning a ski vacation to the resort.  It's located in my beautiful backyard and feel like I have plenty of advice to give.  Those of you who know me understand that I am never afraid to offer some advice.

Skiing with my own children has becoming a fun family event now that all of us are potty trained and for the most part can blow our own noses!  The big kids are almost hard to keep up with  and Elvis sings his whole way down the mountain so he makes for good company.

We love working toward a hot chocolate or a beer (the beer is for me btw) at the end of the day.  Mr. Handsome carries pockets full of Starbursts to keep us all motivated.

We feel so lucky to live in this beautiful place.  It changes throughout the seasons and we greet each season with joy and a tiny bit of remorse.  Can't believe another ski season is upon us....... bring it on!

Pick me! Pick me!


  1. I honestly couldn't think of a better Snowmamma than you! Your ideas & creativity continually blow me away. You know what I thought of when I read that you wanted to be a Snowmamma? How creative you are when you travel. You've travelled over holidays, which we know visitors to PC do, and it can be challenging. You have ALWAYS come up with cool ways to handle the gifts of Christmas or Egg Hunt away from home. Truly, you are perfect for this!!

  2. Jen,

    I love your post and your interest in Snowmamas. We will be in touch soon!

    Snowmama Krista


Thanks Carol@ Songberries