Tuesday, October 26, 2010

5 inches and counting.....

Meet "Susie the Ski-crow."  She was one of 23 scarecrows I helped build at Q and Elvis's elementary school.  It was an incredible, wonderful, enlightening and creative experience that I wouldn't trade for anything.

I highlight Susie because as of this evening I have 5 inches of snow on my sidewalk.  Yep I do.  Uh, huh, it's true.  I'm not kidding.

So, we are planning Halloween (oh yea, we are.  The count for the party is currently at 50 and I'm sorry but have you been to our house?  It so does not hold 50.)  Don't tell Evite.

But, we are really planning skiing.  What do we need?  Who's feet have grown?  Who is taller than they were last year, certainly not me!  In fact, it's possible I  am wider, does that count?

I'm saying "goodbye" to Fall.  You were marvelous, full of wonderful autumnal colors.  I will miss your reds, oranges and yellows.  Hello white.  You are here and here to stay.  Most likely until April.  Without pulling out the Christmas carols, I will welcome you.  We are ready to enjoy the wonders.

Snow angels
Snow balls
Snow men
Snow shoeing
Brisk fresh cold air
A reminder of what it feels like to be alive
Like diving into the Atlantic ocean in the middle of summer.

Oh there you are my soul.

Welcome, Winter.


  1. oh my gosh, I've been too embarrassed to tell my family that we got snow here too. They would all laugh at me with their 70 degree weather in the midwest.
    Can you believe this s$%#! There are still leaves on the trees!!! Snow? What about the trick or treaters? I don't think I am handling this all that well.

  2. hey there. as much as i love the winter time, i am not quite ready for it to start. i need fall to be an entire season, not just a week long extravaganza of orange.
    keep it out there, ladies. way, way, out there.

  3. snow!!!! for crying out loud- didnt it just melt last week for you! you were right- you dont get much of any other seasons, do you?

  4. What???? I could never deal with snow in October!!! Yikes!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries