Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saying Goodbye to a Friend

He left us last night at 7:30.  We loved him desperately.  He was ours for only a year and half.  He made a difference to all of us.  Emma is heart broken.  He was her soul mate.  The one she woke up in the morning.  The one she waited for at the bottom of the stairs.  The one who shared meals with her.  He gave her life.  

He was my pal too.  I loved him.  I miss him and it's only been 24 hours.  It sucks.

That Naughty Dog was our dog.  He was the best and the worst and we loved everything about him.

Goodbye Titus, you know "Titus" with one "i".

Rest in peace sweet friend.


  1. oh, so sorry. it really does make a difference in the family, and sometimes its hard to tell people, so i am glad you did and glad you got him for a year and a half... naughty or not...:)

  2. i tried to comment but its gone!! i'm sorry, i hope you guys are adjusting well...

  3. oh, honey, I'm so sorry about your doggy. What a sweetie. You guys take care, it's always sad to lose beloved family members like that. Hugs.

  4. oh Jen!!!! I am sad..... the best ones leave us much much much to early! I hate that Titus (with one eye) left your home and made it feel empty! from one who has lost a dog... way to soon.... Titus was loved, and given the best of family to be with. take care and remember his greatest moments (the good ones, the silly ones and even the bad ones!)

  5. Thank you blog friends. Your kind words mean so much!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries