Saturday, November 27, 2010

When the mother is the least mature person in the group.....

We attempted to take a family picture at Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.  I have had a request from my dear friend, Geri for a family photo.  She's got some plan for it.  Whatever she comes up with will be totally cool, that is if I could grow up for like what 2 seconds.  Not likely.

Every year I think I should send out Christmas cards with a family photo.  I love receiving cards from all of my friends.  Seeing pictures of the whole family is fun.  I like to compare myself to all of them and really critique whether or not I look older than any of my peers.  Not really, well kind of.  So, since Geri requested the family photo I was thinkin'  "two birds with one stone."  Let's knock this bad boy out and get to Wal-mart, STAT!  I'll get some photo cards printed and out before the mad rush.  My mailing list will be super impressed with how on top of it I am.  They'll open those envelopes and be all, "That Jen, she's so organized and look at how cute her kids are and DAMN, that girl looks good.  Not a day over 28!"

Well, that's all fine and dandy if once again, I would grow up for like what 2 seconds.  The proof is in the pudding......

and, then

 oh, wait and this

There are others but whoa, they don't get any better.  We are going to have to give this another go I'm afraid.  Yes, the mailing list would definitely say, "Wow, that Jen, she sure doesn't look any younger but she still acts like a 12 year old."

Oh well.


  1. yes, wacko, but that hair... damn, that hair looks saweeeeet.... :)
    happy days, jen...

  2. Can I first say tht your hair is sooo gorgeous! The color is lovely.
    Anyway, your pics are just TOO cute! Got to love it!!!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries