Thursday, December 2, 2010

So Mom, I woke up with a great idea....

uh, ya yu did.  She (Ladycakes) signed up to make a gingerbread house for a local charity.  The Children's Justice Center helps kids who have been abused or witnessed abuse.  They are questioned, comforted and appropriately placed. Last year she made fabulous fleece blankets for kids that come to the Center.  This year, she chose to participate in their gingerbread house auction.

She woke up the other morning with a brilliant idea.  "Mom, I'm making Snoopy on his dog house!"  All I could think is "damn, this girl is good, she's kicking my garden gnome ass."  It turned out better than better.  Ladycakes will be the best pastry chef in the nation in what 15 years.   I need to start saving so I can fund  Ladycakes and Company.  I love this girl, she's brilliant and she's all mine.

Great job Ladycakes!
(tomorrow I'll show you mine.  It looks silly compared to this one!)

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  1. as one who favors Snoopy~ she did a remarkable job! looks like this apple fell right under the mom's tree..... I bid $50!


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