Monday, February 14, 2011

Another VD (Valentine's Day) comes and goes. And I feel great.

I remember when Valentine's Day was important to me (college).  I waited for it with great anticipation.  I wondered what I would "get" for Valentine's Day.  I hated Valentine's Day.

It's a weird holiday.  I am a romantic.  But not really.  I think I might be a little to practical for romance.  I kind of feel like you should be romantic all year round.  But that's cliche.  I do not practice what I preach because life takes over.  And since when have parent/teacher conferences been romantic.   The last time I took my car to be repaired, hardly romantic.  Scooping the kitty litter.  not romantic.

I love watching my kids discover love.  Crush like love.  But a little love none the less.  I love watching my kids celebrate their friends.  Loving their friends.

Happy Valentine's Day.  However you celebrate, with whomever you celebrate.  I love love.

Add "Eternal Flame" by The Bangles to my Life Soundtrack.


  1. love the song, don't want to hear it ... think some Dj in the 80s/90s killed it for me... but i do love it... merry valentine's to you too... :)

  2. When my friends and I were trying to start a band, in fourth grade, this was going to be our headline song. Never mind that only Marissa Q. could sing and only one of us (not me) could play an instrument... and that instrument was a recorder. Still, we had Eternal Flame!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries