Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not my proudest moment.

So the littlest and I went out for a snow shoe... and some sledding.   Took the new puppy and snowshoes and a sled and a mom who was questioning her decisions the minute she stepped out the door.  But that's what Moms do...

Took to the path and listened to Elvis bitch about walking to the sledding hill.  "It's too far."  "I'm so tired."  "I can't go anymore"  yadda, yadda yadda.

So we walked with puppy.  It was stressful with all of the puppiness and 5 year oldness.  But we arrived here, ready to sled.  Sled we will.

Elvis hiked this bad boy-self and sent his shit down like no other.  Run #1 AWESOME!  It was fast, furious and crazy epic.  Standing at the top of this hill, I was in awe.  Mr. Handsome was on his way over with Ladycakes, I called on the cell and asked him to bring Elvis' s helmet.  This hill is epic, he needs a helmet.

As Mr. Handsome and Ladycakes approached, Elvis wanted to take run #2.  He was ready.  On his game.  I mentioned before pushing him down the hill, "Bail if you need to.."  *note to self 5 year olds don't know what" bail if you need to" means..I SUCK.

Fencing consists of barbed wire and re-bar posts.  The blood you see, my child's.

He wasn't wearing a helmet.  We couldn't wait the 5 minutes for Dad to arrive.  He slammed into the above fence.  Luckily, he hit the side of his head not his face.  He's fine.  He has 5 staples in his head and will be just fine.

I'm  a wreck.  Mother of the Year, I'm out of the running.  I'm so proud of my brave little man but question my own decisions.  He still trusts me and for that I wonder if perhaps there wasn't a brain injury.

I love him.  I'm sorry.  I'll do better.  I promise.


  1. hey!! remember, you were just going sledding. SLEDDING!! thats great parenting, providing experiences for your kids like that. Great. Accidents happen, thats all. . . your desire to get fresh air and activity is still good. i'm sorry it happened, poor babies... (you, and he)

  2. Oh Jen!! Ouch! You both are brave & I've witnessed your parenting & I strive to be more like you! You are GREAT!
    Poor D! :(

  3. oh for crying out loud! I am still in shock that you got a photograph- common' that is great parenting.... Boys bounce back (remember my throwing of my little on his head- causing a scull fracture..... we best of moms have the worst of days) Tomorrow we get to dust ourselves off, and go for more sled runs!

  4. ok, you need to quit with the bad mom guilt. You've done that boy a great favor what with the character building and all. (I'm kidding, it's not your fault!)
    Just tell him chicks dig scars.
    Also tell him he can make up some cool story like he got staples from saving some old lady from getting hit by a car or something.
    E is one cool dude with a cool mom.

  5. and did you check out the people of walmart link?

    This is an example bad mother:


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