Sunday, March 20, 2011

Courtyard Marriott, Bacardi Rum and a Bromine burn. Plus, where the hell is Kerry?

Mr. Handsome and I had quite a weekend.  The children were involved.  The Utah State Swimming Championship took place and we endured all 3 and 1/2 days.  In Provo, Utah.  Go ahead, Google it, Provo, UT that is.

Mr. Handsome was a swimmer.  I was a swimmer.  We swam together in high school (the bullfrogs).  I saw him in a Speedo.  He saw me being a dork. (This all should be read to the tune of "Froggy went a courtin' and he did ride Uh huh." *my dad played guitar and sang this to us :special: )  Oddly enough, his Speedo and my dorkiness all happened in the same place 25 years ago.... Mr. Handsome has been re-living it more than I care to remember. (and no we weren't there in 1965!)

 We didn't fall in love in the pool but we both love the sport.  LoVe came later.....

Okay not about me or him... our children.   We spent the last 3 days watching our 2 Big swim like I have never swum.  Is swum a word?  Both of our kiddos showed a competitive spirit that is thrilling.  Maturity that is mind blowing.  Atheleticism that I envy.

Then there were the other parents, oy.  See her, in the picture above?  She's there in the back.  We LOVE her.  Not only do we love the sport, we love the team.  The kids are amazing, they cheer for each other, socialize, act like kids together.  The parents support ALL of the kids.  We cheer, we scream, we rejoice and we share disappointment together.  I dig these people,  we dig that lunatic in the picture above.

I cannot explain in words how proud I am of my children.  Little (Elvis) handled a very long weekend with grace and patience and a hell of a lot of "Zumba" juice.  Ladycakes rocks being's not easy in case you can't remember.  Q was a champion with a drive we enjoyed experiencing.  It was mind-blowing, watching your kid bring it.

My hope is that all Moms and Dads find something their kids love and they love too.  Lucky?  You bet we are.

That lady in the background....we love her!


  1. aw. thats really nice. what a good weekend, a good team, your family... !

  2. where is that damn "like" button on blogspot- because this is a great story. I smiled reading it the whole time. you really do share the love in your family!


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