Saturday, March 5, 2011

"I know it's 11:30 at night but I only have one more question" (and it's a doozy) says 10 year old son with more charm than whoever is the "most charming man" according to US weekly.

So we have been encountering questions.  With 3 children, questions come at us a mile a minute but lately I've actually been paying attention.  Not that I don't usually pay attention.  But "Mom, do we have any juice?" or "Mom, where are my underwear?"  are just not real questions anymore.  It's background music.

So a few questions Mr. Handsome and I have fielded in the last few days:

1.  "Mom, when are you going to get paid?"

2.  "How do boats catch on fire? They are on water."

3.  "Hey Mom?  When do you think you might have some money?"

4.  "Don't you think a fast skin swim suit might hurt my crotch?"

5.  " Mom. What's a condom?"

Uh, I don't know?  Might be the answer to ALL of the questions.  However, I do know what a condom is.  Mr. Handsome busted one out to answer this question ( and if you have been following for a year or so, we don't need these so yes, a new question is in the arena.)

6. "Mr. Handsome, why do you have condoms?"

Kidding, I was thrilled he had one and we did show it to Q and then made Ladycakes look at it, actually I threw it at her and she freaked out.  Then, we talked about it.  This is where I am....this is where I am.  Luckily, I kept my maturity in check and didn't make a dirty balloon animal out of the condom.  Mr.  Handsome and I need to talk......... :)


  1. I think fast swims definitely do hurt crotches. I think. :) I'd definitely have to think about the rest of them.... except the last ...

  2. you do realize that you are model mothers for me. I will continue to follow your lead with how to talk to my son especially about condoms and continue to read your examples.
    what's a fast swims?

  3. hahahaaaah! this one made me laugh..... hard! I am surprised a banana wasn't pulled out for demonstration. That is what I would do!

    and boats on water catch on fire because they are not submarines.

    mom will get paid when you get a job.

    we will have money when you guys move out.

    a fast swim suit will only hurt your crotch if you buy it to small.


Thanks Carol@ Songberries