Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mature and intelligent Capricorn, represented in the zodiac by the goat, boasts a great sense of mental stability and many admirable qualities. (HA!) Capricorns, those admirable people born between December 22nd and January 19th, are practical, patient, forward thinking, confident individuals who carry with them a deep sense of purpose. (Seriously?) This ambitious earth sign is in store for quite a few surprises in 2012 along with one well deserved success after another. (Please say Yes!)

42.  It's arrived.  Not in full force, but it's here.  So, I do what I do.  You read.  Welcome to my 42nd year.

1.  I probably spend too much time on my computer. But somehow it seems appropriate.
2.  I have incredible boat etiquette.  Which is weird because we are not really boat people.
3."Hey, Mom."  is a phrase, introduction, beginning to a conversation, that I hear more than you can imagine.
4. Like Jason Derulo, if I were a popstar, I would be tempted to start every song I perform by yelling my name, "Jennifer Tyler!"
5.  Dinner is always a challenge.
6.  I strive to have handwriting like an architect.  In fact, I love creating my own fonts.  With pen and paper.
7.  I had dreams of being a lavender farmer.
8.  I get great pleasure from re-organizing a drawer.  Any drawer.  It gives me a sense of control.
9.   My favorite aisle in the grocery store is the cleaning product aisle.  There is always a new scent or product being introduced.  I'm a sucker for countertop spray.
10.  My children will all be taller than me and that makes me so happy.
11.  I fall asleep quite easily.
12.  I would love to have a small cottage decorated in a "shabby chic"  kind of way.  Like a playhouse but to scale for an adult.
13.  Moss is really beautiful.  I love the color and the way it feels.
14.  Speaking of moss, if I were a Smurf, which I would love to be, I would build my mushroom house on a moss patch.
15.  I DO NOT watch scary movies.  I just can't.
16.  Twitter has become my new challenge.  I am learning to use it slowly everyday.
17.  An emerald cut diamond is in my future.
18.  I love to watch my children swim.  They are amazing in the water.
19.  I should take some classes.  Photography.  Pottery.  Cooking. Accounting.  I need to continue learning.
20.  Planning parties is quite fun for me.  I tend to go overboard.
21.  See's Bordeaux candies make me smile.
22.  I like to be creative but at times I am embarassed by my creativity.  
23.  I never intend to make people feel inadequate.  That is one of the most hurtful things you could do.
24.  The numbers in my house address add up to 24.  I like that.
25.  I've often gone over in my head, "if my house was burning how would I get everything important to me out."  It's an awful thing to think about.
26.  At some point in my life, I would like to have a circus themed birthday party.  According to #26, I probably shouldn't plan it or elephants might be involved.
27.  My husband has become more handsome over the years.  He was a hottie when we got married.
28.  Sadly, I find some reality tv entertaining.  Hoarders.  Gross but totally entertaining.
29.  I love to dance.  Karaoke scares me. But I love to dance.
30.   I have no time for politics.  It pisses me off.  It's frustrating.  I think our government is a bunch of rich people who only give a shit about their own agenda.  Now you say, "NO DUH."
31.  I worry I will never be as successful as my parents.  Will my children feel the same?
32.  I only had 2 children when I was 32.
33.  I am proud of Here at the Hive.  I believe it's a nice representation of me.
34.  We feel lucky to have our parents around.  To have parents that are still living is a gift.  Mr. Handsome and I recognize this.
35.  I have met an amazing bunch of people.  In a weird turn of events I was invited to be part of the Snowmamas.  And in that, my life has changed.  in a great way! 
36.   I ordered a peppermint frappuchino the other day.  I drank half of it and then realized the calorie count.  The half I drank was delicious.
37.  When I was 13, I hated the idea of having boobs.  At 42, I love the idea of having boobs.  I will help my daughter feel the same way.
38.  Wind scares the shit out of me.  I. hate. wind.
39.  The ability to write a thank you note, actually write, with your own handwriting, is a dying art.  I insist that my children have that ability.
40.  It's the new 30?  Really?  That seems weird.  Why can't it just be 40.
41.  I feel more grown up this year.  I am easing into the new 30's.  I think by the time I'm the"new 39"  I'll have my 40's figured out.
42.  Being a little more selfish, it's what I'm considering as my gift to me.  I'll work on it.  But loving everyone around me, it's a priority.

Thanks for sharing today with me.  It make my day just what it should be, the very happy part of being alive.  Happy, Happy.

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  1. Happy, happy birthday! Can't wait to see you when I'm in Park City in Feb. We'll get together and not watch scary movies.


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