Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pinterest Pin Test: Getting inspiration from my Pinterest Boards

I waste spend quite a bit of time on Pinterest.  It's such an interesting phenomenon.  I love watching what other people are "pinning."  I find great inspiration there.

Angry Kitty Memes..... tattoo ideas..... wedding favors that would make you go bankrupt..... 365 days worth of Paleo recipes.  You name it, I'm inspired.

So to feed my inspiration, I have a "Making Rather Than Just Pinning" board.  I figured if I am going to hoard these ideas, I might as well try using them to fuel my creativity.  Twice a month, I have decided to tackle a Pinterest project.  Some may work, others may fail.  The only criteria is that I am not allowed to go out and spend a bunch of money.  I have endless supplies in my creative studio/ craft lab and if I can't find what I need in there, I probably should move on to a different project!   And, I need to tweak or change each project so that I make it my own.  I don't want to be a copycat.  What fun is that? Reach toward originality without reinventing the wheel, you know?

This week I decided to play into the graphic trend of using the outline of a State you love.  I see it a lot of Pinterest.  On pillows, on mugs, in jewelry and fashion.  No doubt it's a trend, so if I can make something without spending any money, I won't feel bad when the trend moves on.

Here is my inspiration......

To the Craft Lab Batman!   Remember.... only supplies on hand.  Yep, I have these on hand.

Choose your State(s.)  Find an image to outline from your computer or trusty atlas.  What?  You don't have an atlas?  Well, I won't judge.  I went with 4 of my favorite States, just to be different.  Or because I am different and I want to make it my own (MIMO.)  Then, trace the shape on to a piece of card stock.

Cut out your traced shape.  Lookin' good States!  Are you ready for some sparkle?  You bet they are ready for some sparkle.

This is where you paint each shape with a thin layer of Mod Podge using your foam brush.  Sprinkle glitter over the Mod Podge evenly and then allow to dry.  I found my States curled a bit but don't panic. You will be gluing them to another piece of card stock with hot glue so they will lay flat eventually.  No pictures here.  Want to know why?

Because my hands were covered in Mod Podge and Glitter.  That's why.

Now, here's where I really MIMO.  (make it my own)

I have this fabulous vintage gold stamping machine.  It uses heat to press the lead type into gold foil onto paper.  I haven't used it in a while and this was perfect project to get reacquainted.  In the inspiration pin, they used a heart to pinpoint the city they love.  Since I was using 4 States, I felt that would be way too many hearts and make it look "cutesy."  No thanks.   But, I wanted to acknowledge the cities that make these States extra special to our family.  Gold stamping away, I spelled out each city.  Plus, I have to be honest.  I love letters.  Letters and words make me happy.

I picked an apple yellow background card stock and glued my dried glitter States to it.  Then I placed each city on their respective State.  I went with one tiny little felt heart to show the States my love.  It's small but makes a big statement.  Once the glue was dry, I slapped this bad boy in a frame and VOILA!

It turned out GREAT!  Easy, fast, fun and on trend.  It will be hung in our kitchen and I will bask in it's glory.  My first Pinterest Pin Test was a success.  Now I shall head back to Pinterest to waste more time do some research for my next Pin Test.

Okay go gather up some supplies, make a something.  Then give me a link in the comments.  I'll visit you and shower you with kudos!

For even better instructions go straight to the website for my inspiration.

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  1. um, sort of freaky how much crafty supply you've got going on... is there an extreme couponing show for craftshops? :) plus, you have serious machinery... i just have a sewing machine, and its very dusty. very. go hive!!


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