Thursday, March 11, 2010

May Potty Talk Reign!

I didn't die.  Seriously.  I'm still here.  Totally uninspired but ALIVE!  That's good right?  The breathing part, not the uninspired part.  It's still Winter here and is going to become even more wintery in the next few days.  I'm tired of Winter.  I need the freshness of Spring.  I have a few ideas but can't quite get them in motion.  It goes back to the uninspired part.

In the meantime, I am hoping to go help Elvis's preschool class construct these bad boys!  Q had some creative writing to do and was stuck.  The theme was "How do you find a Leprechaun?"  I tried prying out of him facts about Leprechauns.  They like.....?   They look like....?  They are what size?  It was like pulling teeth.  Then I remembered, "Oh yea, yer 9 and a boy.  You like gross stuff."  Quick backstory, my bees believe in Leprechauns, we celebrate our Irish heritage, they BELIEVE in these little bugggers.  So in an effort to get Q to finish his homework, I suggested a little unknown fact about Leprechauns.

Did you know Leprechauns fart rainbows?  They do.

The 9 year old was suddenly inspired.  He finished his homework.  Battle Won!

Break out the Gross Guns, Mothers!  They work.  Bring on that which is inappropriate and the appropriate behavior suddenly appears.  Love and Logic ain't got nothin' on this philosophy.  May potty talk reign!


  1. i am so. in . trouble. when I have a nine year old boy. what am i going to do with farting rainbows?! cripe.

  2. so creative, I am impressed. When the goin' gets touch, Jen gets goin'! You rocked it lady. I think you are amazing. :)

  3. I need to tap your creative brain about St. Patty's Day! Nate is totally curious about the leprachaun's michief.


Thanks Carol@ Songberries