Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Ms. Sampson, I Double-Dog Dare You!

The other night I actually Double-Dog Dared my friend, Jamie.  An AMAZING photographer whose work I love and respect.  She bought a crazy t-shirt but was worried about wearing it.  She needs to embrace her inner t-shirt-wearer and wear it proudly.  Let me give you a couple of examples of how you do that.

Example #1

Now this is a thrift store t-shirt I couldn't pass up.  Man shirt yes. But it's AC/DC and worn so it's like old AC/DC and it was two bucks....so you buy it, right?  Right.

And then, if you have a shirt like this, you can ask your husband to photograph you acting like a fool, or yourself.  Mr. Handsome, you make me look emo-cool.  Thank you darling!

Dear Ms. Sampson, I double-dog dare you to take that Edward Cullen shirt and wear it baby!  Wear it like you stole it.  Which I know you didn't!

">And by the way, I'm back in black, hit the sack, I'm glad to be back!

And please don't judge me by the size of my fingers! ;)


  1. ROCK IT!! You have a whole category called 'why I like being me.' awesome. :)

  2. I am so late with my reply. Sorry. I just checked my email.

    Oh... It is on like Donkey Kong! I accept your double dog dare Mrs. AC/DC and I raise you an ultra chic Edward Cullen tee. :). If you already wore yours today please share your horror stories and I will face the piper tomorrow.


Thanks Carol@ Songberries