Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Swaptacular Craftasm or Swap Fever

So the Swap.  You know, the one I mentioned.  The Meomi inspiration swap.  I got me some swap fever.   I decided today was the day I started.  Stop dragging my feet.  Stop worrying that my item won't turn out.  It's not a competition, Jen just get started.

So I pulled out all of my paper.  Which btw is way more than I remember having and clearly my hording needs to be professionally diagnosed.  Found just what I needed in my stash.  I am going with a paper and fabric collage.  Throwing in a little high-tech use of my heat transfer machine and hopefully everything will come together.  You can see The Octonauts in the background.  They are my inspiration.  Cute little characters that I wish really existed.  I would love to have a fish tank full of Octonauts.  Way cuter than a sea-monkey.

This is all you get of it today.  There will be more.


  1. okay... i am completely unable to photo my progress. let me just say that it involves plaid. and while you shake your head in confusion, know this. me too. me too..

  2. this looks very exciting! I can't wait to see hte finished project! :)


Thanks Carol@ Songberries