Monday, September 13, 2010

The Great Outdoors, where you can pee wherever you want.

It's been our goal to spend more time outdoors.  Away from the computer, the Wii, the T.V., the kitchen, the laundry.  You know where I am coming from, we spend a lot of time indoors.  We are not adverse to the outdoors.  I love Mother Nature.  But, I don't want our "outdoor" time to be mowing the lawn.  Lame.

So we have ventured out lately.  Here's what we have done.

Found an amazing spot, here in the Uintas.  The Provo River.  Perfect spot to play, imagine, read, bring your blood pressure down to a reasonable  150/92.  For me, that's a good day!

The landscape is truly awe-inspiring.  We played here for hours.  We explored, had lunch.  Explored, read some of our books.  Explored, jumped in.....

First Elvis.  Really?  It's like 45 degrees.  He's fearless or stupid.  We're not sure.

Next Q.  There were teenage girls within earshot. Need I say more?

Finally, Ladycakes.  She lets the fools test the water.  I am so proud of this girl!

Once they started, they couldn't stop.  The rush was too much.  They loved how cold the water felt, the fear factor was too much.  They just kept jumping.

By the time we packed up, they were exhausted.  Guess how many times we disciplined them (the boys)?  None.  How much bickering did we hear?  None.  Who said they were bored because "there's nothing to do!"?  Nobody.

Being outside is good for everybody.  We left exhausted, windblown, sun-kissed, muddy and very happy.  We are pleased to live so close to this.  We are very lucky.  

Next came the reservoir.    Well, let's just say they wanted their Nintendos.  I'll fill you later. oy.

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