Friday, September 17, 2010

Rockport Reservoir or "The place teenagers go to drink beer"


So, the river in the mountains was super fun.  We felt like keeping the "outdoor time on the weekends" ball rolling and check out the reservoir that is about 15 minutes away from our house.  My thought was it would possibly be easier to swim in because it was rushing down a mountain, perhaps just a smidge safer.

Well it turns out my kids won't swim in water that "smells like dead fish."   Nice.  Okay admittedly, it totally smelled like dead fish.  I didn't see any dead fish but I certainly could smell them.  Then, there were the deer flies.  These things are nasty and persistent and totally ruin a fine picnic by smelly dead fish water.

I know what you are saying.  "I thought you hive folk would love all winged insects."  Uh, no.  About an hour into our grand outdoor time at the local reservoir, I was beginning to hear the grumblings.  The "I'm bored and ready to go" grumblings.  Remember how we didn't yell at anybody when we were by the river in the mountains?  There was yelling at the reservoir.  We had to yell at Q when he dropped an enormous log onto Elvis while trying to throw it into the reservoir.  We had to yell at Elvis for purposely knocking over a stone tower Ladycakes had built.  There was yelling.

On a good note, we did our part and picked up 2 dozen beer cans that were scattered all around that dead fish smelling beach.  It became a scavenger hunt of sorts.  We did find some pretty cool drift wood that made awesome "weapons."  We did see a cool drunk teenager-type structure.

We stayed about 2 hours.  That's not too bad.  We were pretty glad to get out of there actually.  Next weekend we are going back to the river in the mountains. Or maybe we'll just go to the mall and buy skinny jeans and video games.

Add this to my Life Soundtrack.  Kid Rock isn't afraid of a little dead fish.  He'll even make love in dead fish.  So there.

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