Thursday, December 16, 2010

Teacher's Gifts. A highly debated topic.

I do Teacher Gifts.  I feel that these people spend a good portion of their day with my children.  I think they deserve a gift.  So many parents pitch into the "community pot"  and then the Room Parent buys a gift card of some kind.  This isn't really my style.

*Disclaimer:  I did collect money for the Kindergarten teacher this year.  He's a great guy and will really dig a Home Depot gift card.

My style is to make a gift for the teachers.  I am that parent they dread.  "Oh, here she comes again with her handmade gift.  Doesn't she know I want a gift card to Home Depot!" Making a gift requires that I really think about the recipient. I ponder about the great work they have done, I think about how much I appreciate them.

 This year's gift......

Clay plaques with peace doves and the word "peace" embossed on them attached to vintage glass bottles.  The branches are really little sticks with felt leaves and felt berries attached to them.  I love them.  I am really pleased with how they turned out and they truly are a one of a kind gift.

Now, some of my friends forego the gift all together.  What are your thoughts?  Gift, no gift, cash?

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  1. GIFT!! and this is my first time ever, so gift, indeed. and - i think those bottles beautiful. way to go!


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