Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another piece of commissioned art. Does this make me a "real" artist?

I mentioned before that I would be making 150 bottles for a wedding in July.  I feel very flattered when someone likes my art.

I had another commission this week.  Again, someone who really respects my work as an artist asked me to work my magic.

When you ask, I will deliver.  I love to create.  No matter how crappy the request may be.

I present to you "Ugly Christmas Sweaters."  Oh Good Lord, I totally enjoyed doing this.  Ladycakes helped and suggested we open an "Ugly Sweater Store."  Oh silly girl, no one will fall for that.  But wait, I checked on-line and people REALLY DO FALL FOR THAT!

Here they are...

 The trees light up, it's fantastic.

This is Frosty and his balls.  It's terribly tasteless and AWESOME!

This is me.  Showing off my terribly awful, hilarious, totally fun to wear creations.

Maybe I am a real artist.  Maybe not.  Whatever, I love being creative!


  1. dude. the boots kick it to the next level.... (i like them.)

  2. Now I too can have perky bows like that. You are truly an artist!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries