Friday, December 10, 2010

Okay, there is business at hand. Plenty of unfinished business.

I'm failing.  Wifemotherexpletive rocks it with a month worth of posts.  A MONTH'S worth.  If I could get it together to do 2 consecutive days, I'd be my own rock star.

My gingerbread house.  Ladycake's sold her's for $40.00, yep $40.00 buck a roos. This is mine.  I loved making it.  I have a mild Smurf, gnome addiction (totally showing my age.)  Can't wait for the movie!

I'll have to see it alone.  I won't be the only 40 year old woman alone in the theater, I just know it.  So, gingerbread damnit.  Get it over with.

There....front has cute girl gnome holding a wreath.  Back has cute gnomes planting a garden, which makes total  sense because it's Winter!  No logic when Gingerbread is concerned.    Good news is the Children's Justice Center earned $6000.00 from this fundraiser.  That's truly what it's all about.


Snowmama's Summit was unbelievable.  Mind-blowing, gotta get my shit together, hope they like me as much as I like them, weekend!  This is one of 2 photos I took over the weekend.  Yep, we'll talk about, hello you need to document your events if you are blogging... I know, I know.  We tubed at Gorgoza Park on the first night and it was ridiculously fun.  Do it.  Do it now!

Then I learned that the local (CBS) station was filming a morning segment at Gorgoza and anyone that wanted to participate could.  Uhhh, what?  Free?  Really? Fun and free? Okay yes, you have to be there at 6:00 a.m.  but once in a lifetime...totally worth it!

Kids and mom tubing.  LOVED IT!

Kids tubing with kids they just met, LOVED IT!

Elvis snowmobiling.  LOVED IT! Casey Scott , the crazy roving reporter, kept us all laughing.  It was terrific.  Tom Butz, the Director of, "Owner" in my kid's mind, but all around  great guy who keeps this bad boy running like a machine was a gracious host and wow, we feel lucky to know him.  Hopefully, the marketing part of it was successful.  It worked on me.

Finally, Wildlife in my own backyard.

This beautiful hawk, don't know what kind....just don't.  Landed on my fence and made a hearty, albeit gross, meal out of a rodent of some kind.  Stayed on the fence for 20 or so minutes.  AMAZING!  Then flew into our Aspen trees and hung out for awhile.  Beautiful.  I am so lucky.  This is what I see in my backyard.  Nice.

Okay, I'll try to be more wifemotherexplevite -ish.  But no guarantee.  I have to get my stuff together, that could take years.


  1. I am not surprised your daughter got $40.... and I have to say- good luck on the idea of posting a months worth... that sure seems like a lot to talk about!

  2. dude. a hawk.
    it was actually hard and sort of compulsive-ish to do the daily writes, and it was good and it was bad, so don't think you missed out ... and what you do, is pretty damn fine with me! hello?snowmama? and i'm still wondering about the crazy vases...

  3. Yay for Ladycakes! Thank goodness for K or else I would be without regular reading. I aspire to be a more frequent blogger, but when the craft is just not there......

    Happy snow!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries