Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's what's for dinner.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin.
Marinade includes allspice, coriander, cloves, brown sugar, salt, garlic, ginger, lime and Meyers Rum.  (It's gonna be good.)

Pineapple and Mint Chutney (oh yea.)
fresh pineapple
brown sugar

Wild Rice (instead of Quinoa, interesting?!)


Cuz, if you are making 2 parts of a meal that involve sugar, mint, water, rum and lime by golly you should be drinking a mojito.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A perfectly good way to waste a minute and a half.

Okay my lovely blogging friend, Carol, over at Songberries gave me a couple of awards.  If I could print these out and tatoo them to my forehead I would, it's the gold star I needed this week.  Thank you Carol!  You're a keeper.  The rules on this are that for The Versatile Blogger award you must tell 7 things about yourself and for The Beautiful Blogger award you must tell 10 things about yourself.  So how about I just list 17 random things and you can un-follow immediately.  Just kidding.  You're gonna like what I share.


Really, ready?

Here goes.

1.  My nickname as a child was "Hotdog."  I was a bit of a hotdog and totally shaped like one, plump.
2.  My favorite household chore is organizing a drawer.  It gives me a sense of control.
3.  I have beautiful feet.  Like foot model feet.  Gorgeous.
4.  Baking soda really does eliminate odors, it's my new favorite household cleaner.
5.  I wish I had a huge white board wall.  Like 18 feet by 20 feet.  I would draw on it all day.
6.  I once pierced my ears using nothing but a needle and an ice cube.  It was before a Howard Jones concert.
7.  I love The Tower of Terror at California Adventure.  It's terrifying and thrilling all at the same time.
8.  I own a sewing machine, an embroidery machine and a heat press.  I strive to use them daily.
9.  I want to be my mom when I grow up.
10.  I am currently loving "Airplanes"  by B.OB. featuring Haley Williams as music of choice.  The Eminem version is great too.
11.  Body and Soul told me that according to Ayurveda, I am a Kapha which just means I am a chubby "Earth Mother."  And I like it.  I'm only slightly chubby.
12.   I remember my very first phone number like it's etched in my brain.  Scary but fun to say, to myself.
13.  I recently had dinner with Scott Wolf (hello, Party of Five) and his lovely wife.  I have a picture to prove it!
14.  I fear growing old.
15.  I would like to have a "signature" perfume.  Something my children will remember.
16.  I have never been to Europe but I'd like to go.
17.  I don't make my bed every day.

It feels good to get that off my chest.  Thanks for listening.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Oh say can you house burning down?

We had a groovy 4th of July.

It involved Marching Bands,


Mariachi Musicians,

and some thumpin' techno-dance bootie-shakin' stuff.

We totally horsed around.

We rubbed elbows with a bunch of crazy characters.

Headed home for dinner with great friends. Decorations ala kids!  Thanks Paper and Cake for the free download!

 Kid-made flag cake!  Delicious.

Apple pie ala me and mode!  Careful there, careful. This is a family-friendly blog and holiday.

Then we attempted to burn the house down.

God bless America!

BTW, a special thank you to all those men and women in the Armed Forces who keep us safe and allow us to continue to have our freedoms.  Even if the freedoms are the above list.  Here at the Hive, we respect and appreciate you.

Hope your day was fun.

Thanks Carol@ Songberries