Monday, March 28, 2011

Could you maybe make an announcement during the party and let everyone know I would have brought a gift but I was too busy thinking I was really cool and couldn't get it done in time but I swear if I had gotten it done in time everyone would have been super impressed. Okay, thanks.

Today I had a revelation.  Nothing religious, just a sudden thought that I understand myself a little better.  I am not one to have a lot of self-realization.  I kind of cruise through not paying much attention to myself.  Don't get me wrong, I tend to be self-critical.  But, self-searching and self-improvement are not high on my list.  Perhaps I'm lazy or dumb.

But today, today was different.  Today, I became aware of my Craft Confidence.  I am a terribly, almost foolishly, confident crafter.  I would prefer to refer to myself as an "artist" but that's when that self-critical monster rears her ugly head.

"How, Jen, did this amazing moment come to you?"  you ask.  Well thanks for asking.

Here's how it all went down.  I was invited to a baby shower.  I was told that the mother to be really only wanted diapers because she has everything she needs.  Diapers?  Really.  So boring.  I could construct a diaper cake, I could monogram diapers but I certainly can't give "just diapers."  Well, the hostess of said party knows I love to bust out the glue gun and fabric and glitter whenever possible.  She also secretly knew of my craft confidence and didn't tell me (perhaps she is my muse?)

So hostess says,  "You should totally make something for her."  :snicker, snicker, snicker:

It kicked in.  That warm, fuzzy, "you know you are RIGHT, I SHOULD make something for her" feeling.  And it started, my brain thinking "if I visualize it, it will come."

A MOBILE, that's it.  That can't be that hard.  I will construct a one of a kind mobile for this mother to be.  It will knock her socks off and she will be so glad that I didn't bring silly ol' diapers.

Fast forward to the day of the shower.  The mobile sat in my studio, totally not working.  Mobiles are really hard to make and I was sure I could get one done in a day.  Counterbalance, physics blah, blah, blah.

So I went to the shower empty handed.  This confident crafter ain't givin' in.  No way, no how.  I would give her NOTHING before I showed up there with an 84 pack of Pampers Swaddlers.

So today is a new day.  I know I'm a confident crafter, cuz I did it.  I made the mobile and I can't wait to hand it over to her.  And yell, "IN YOUR FACE!  I KNEW I COULD DO IT."

Wait, I will not say that to her.....

Birds on Branches 

Birds Hanging Straight on their Branches!

Crazy little birds......made by a crazy, I mean,  confident crafter.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Courtyard Marriott, Bacardi Rum and a Bromine burn. Plus, where the hell is Kerry?

Mr. Handsome and I had quite a weekend.  The children were involved.  The Utah State Swimming Championship took place and we endured all 3 and 1/2 days.  In Provo, Utah.  Go ahead, Google it, Provo, UT that is.

Mr. Handsome was a swimmer.  I was a swimmer.  We swam together in high school (the bullfrogs).  I saw him in a Speedo.  He saw me being a dork. (This all should be read to the tune of "Froggy went a courtin' and he did ride Uh huh." *my dad played guitar and sang this to us :special: )  Oddly enough, his Speedo and my dorkiness all happened in the same place 25 years ago.... Mr. Handsome has been re-living it more than I care to remember. (and no we weren't there in 1965!)

 We didn't fall in love in the pool but we both love the sport.  LoVe came later.....

Okay not about me or him... our children.   We spent the last 3 days watching our 2 Big swim like I have never swum.  Is swum a word?  Both of our kiddos showed a competitive spirit that is thrilling.  Maturity that is mind blowing.  Atheleticism that I envy.

Then there were the other parents, oy.  See her, in the picture above?  She's there in the back.  We LOVE her.  Not only do we love the sport, we love the team.  The kids are amazing, they cheer for each other, socialize, act like kids together.  The parents support ALL of the kids.  We cheer, we scream, we rejoice and we share disappointment together.  I dig these people,  we dig that lunatic in the picture above.

I cannot explain in words how proud I am of my children.  Little (Elvis) handled a very long weekend with grace and patience and a hell of a lot of "Zumba" juice.  Ladycakes rocks being's not easy in case you can't remember.  Q was a champion with a drive we enjoyed experiencing.  It was mind-blowing, watching your kid bring it.

My hope is that all Moms and Dads find something their kids love and they love too.  Lucky?  You bet we are.

That lady in the background....we love her!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's not my fault so please don't trip.

I listen to XM Radio for a good portion of my day.  I'm in the car a lot and I tend to listen to the "20 on 20" more than I should.  It's a bit addictive and I end up singing along to songs that aren't really age appropriate.  I went through some old CD's today and I really should be listening to those.  LL Cool J, Luscious Jackson, R.E.M.  Instead I'm karyoke-ing to Miranda Cosgrove, Ready Set Woe, and yes, the occasional Lil' Wayne.

While driving with the family yesterday,  a song came on and I announced that it was my new "theme song."  Everybody shut up and listened to the lyrics.  Then all of a sudden, there was a huge burst of belly laughter from the back seats.  All three offspring were laughing hilariously.

I am so proud of my ability to make my children and myself laugh.  There is nothing funnier than making fun of yourself.  I happen to be really good at it.

Below is my new "Theme Song."  It's catchy.  Just try to not sing it to yourself, or do....... it will make feel silly and happy.  and maybe beautiful.

Add "Pretty Girl Rock" by Keri Hilson to my Life Soundtrack.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"I know it's 11:30 at night but I only have one more question" (and it's a doozy) says 10 year old son with more charm than whoever is the "most charming man" according to US weekly.

So we have been encountering questions.  With 3 children, questions come at us a mile a minute but lately I've actually been paying attention.  Not that I don't usually pay attention.  But "Mom, do we have any juice?" or "Mom, where are my underwear?"  are just not real questions anymore.  It's background music.

So a few questions Mr. Handsome and I have fielded in the last few days:

1.  "Mom, when are you going to get paid?"

2.  "How do boats catch on fire? They are on water."

3.  "Hey Mom?  When do you think you might have some money?"

4.  "Don't you think a fast skin swim suit might hurt my crotch?"

5.  " Mom. What's a condom?"

Uh, I don't know?  Might be the answer to ALL of the questions.  However, I do know what a condom is.  Mr. Handsome busted one out to answer this question ( and if you have been following for a year or so, we don't need these so yes, a new question is in the arena.)

6. "Mr. Handsome, why do you have condoms?"

Kidding, I was thrilled he had one and we did show it to Q and then made Ladycakes look at it, actually I threw it at her and she freaked out.  Then, we talked about it.  This is where I am....this is where I am.  Luckily, I kept my maturity in check and didn't make a dirty balloon animal out of the condom.  Mr.  Handsome and I need to talk......... :)

Thanks Carol@ Songberries