Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Every New Beginning is Another Beginning's End.

So I am going dark for a few days.  Have a few things that have to be taken care of.  Don't miss me too much.  I'll be back.  Perhaps on some pain meds which will either make me totally annoying or even more inspiring.  I might set up a poll on the sidebar just to keep track of that.  We'll see.  Good luck in the days to come.

1.  Create something pretty.  Glue something to something else.
2.  Enjoy your children, even when they are whining about the dinner you just served them.
3.  Scratch your pets, and them put some jerky on your face.  They will love you forever.
4.  Go to McDonald's, their Happy Meal toys are super annoying and worth all of $4.58.
5.  Do something great for the Earth.  I'm thinking just go for a walk and look around.  The Earth is a really pretty place.  Check out the birds.  Someone let me know that Valentine's Day is often when birds pick their mates.  

In fact, I challenge all of you to make all five things mentioned above happen.

Take a child (it doesn't matter if it's your child) to McDonald's and buy them a Happy Meal.  Keep the signature box that Happy Meals come in.  Come home, remove any remaining fries.  Save them for later.  Cut out a door on one side of the Happy Meal box.  Now glue some embellishments onto the box.  Feathers, beads, glitter, birdseed, fabric scraps, paper scraps.  You name it, just glue.  Now take that Happy Meal box and hang it in a tree for all of those horny,Valentine birds.  If they are going to get it on, at least the can have some privacy.  Go back inside and let your pets eat the remaining fries off your face.  You will laugh your ass off.

See you in a few days Ladies and Gentleman.

Add "Closing Time" by SemiSonic to My Life Soundtrack.


  1. have a good time while fading to black... see you when you get back...

  2. This couldn't have come at a better time. Solo with my kids today and you smacked me back into perspective, as always. You ROCK!

  3. What I mean by "this" is your challenge. :)

  4. On Jan 21 a gorgeous Bald Eagle perched on the telephone pole right in front of our door. Magnificent. That handles #5 for me today. No need to walk very far.

  5. so. what? why? (i already have the big bad of ibuprofen... working slowly but working..)
    huh? you? what? - and so, on... curious and all that jazz over here.

  6. ok. i was hoping it was'nt that, just for hopings sake. i don't know how to email you but for commentings here so don't want to nudge your privacy out of wack. i'll be following avidly! no fears. not tmi...


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