Saturday, January 30, 2010

I've been sitting and therefore I have been crafting.

I have a ton of thank you notes to write.  I have been trying to stay on top of it.  But, I don't just write thank you notes.  I feel compelled to actually make thank you notes.  Draw something,  Pencil in some color.  Add some felt accents.  Each one, individually, for the kind folks who have given so much to us here at the hive.

I love making something from nothing.  I ordered a bunch of felt scraps because that seems like fun.  Why not order scraps and see what you can construct from them.  Here's what I came up with using random shapes.  I loved geometry in high school.  This is how it is useful in the real world.

I also feel very strongly about thank you notes.  It's a dying art.  Handwritten notes are a thing of the past.  I could have just thrown a shout out to all the friends who have showered us with dinners here on the blog.  Hit up their Facebook walls with a quick "what's up and btw thanks."  Twitter a "Thanks for the great eats, you rock our world.  I'm good and Kim Kardashian ain't got nothin' on me."   But that's not okay.  Taking the time to write a heartfelt note, so the recipient knows how much you appreciated their kindness, it's so important.



  1. while i cannot stand snoop, i must say i do love me a good celebrity sighting.
    and I LOVE thank you notes. I'm often driven mad by my own procrastination on them though... still owe two aunts theirs from christmas. see what i'm saying? major problem.
    want to do mine?

  2. thank god for felt scraps. These are lovely. Everything is coming up hearts. I know no one who writes thank you notes anymore. I haven't gotten any for a couple of baby showers and even 2 weddings! And most people I know just say a big thanks to everyone on facebook. Sorry, but I'm not on facebook. Is it okay for me to think that they are lazy? The least they could do is send an email.

  3. They're adorable! I love thank you notes too! I wish I could be more on the ball and get them out more often and faster! I love making them and that may be part of the problem. I don't have as much time to make them lately, and it makes me procrastinate sending a note. Then a month later I give up on making one and I end up sending a store bought, one from a ten-pack thank you card. Well, better late than never and better store bought than not at all.


Thanks Carol@ Songberries