Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Now he can do this Do you think that you could? And he can do that Which is more than any old cat could

Are you familiar with Kipper? I LOVE Kipper. He makes me so happy. I wish I lived where Kipper lives. I wish I talked like Kipper. If I said, " We are having leftovers for dinner," in Kipper's voice, my whole family would hip, hip, hooray for leftovers. Kipper is calm, methodical and terribly naive. I'm cool with that. He's a dog, a dog with a slipper. He's Kipper, Kipper the dog. And btw, that's a toad not a frog.

Here Kipper is investigating hedgehogs. That in itself is so tantalizing to me. Who wouldn't love to own a hedgehog? That Naughty Dog (not Kipper!) would eat a hedgehog and then blame it on his accomplice (also not Kipper) ...but still, they are little and prickly.

January 6th has been a Kipper kind of day and that's a good thing. We shall see what tomorrow brings!

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