Tuesday, January 26, 2010

You think I'm Crazy? I got your Crazy.

Okay, I have returned.  Open for business, ready to rock, bring on the noise, bring on da' funk.  Actually I just got rid of the funk so let's leave that be.  Keep your funk.  So in the last 3 weeks, I have managed to gain some perspective.  No one wrapped it up for me in a pretty little box with a big silk ribbon.  It was sort of thrown at my face like a snowball.  And then that big bully who threw it at me stood there and pointed and laughed.

So after picking myself up and then sticking my tongue out at the bully, I learned something new.  I have an amazing support system around me.  The kindest friends you could ever imagine.  They call to check in, they listen to me talk about parts of my body they didn't ever want to hear about.  They made my family dinner and cookies and brought wine and cookies.  They have lifted us up.

Now there's my family.  Do you see that up there?  That craziness?  It's the most amazing craziness you could ever asked for.  I took about 10 years off my parent's lives, 3 weeks ago.   I believe I have given those 10 years back with a positive diagnosis, a good attitude and a crap load of humor.  My parents are a force to be reckoned with.  Research the problem, check.  Play Devil's Advocate to be sure you are asking ALL of the questions you should be asking, check.  Supply toothbrushes for the children at their home in case of an emergency sleepover, check.  They are always available.  They don't ask too many questions, they figure it out on their own.  It all runs smoothly when they arrive and scoop.

The birdhouse above was constructed by The Mother of All Mothers.  She transfered much of her creative-craziness to me in utero.  Now that I am 40, I see it more and more everyday.  It's not just the creativity.  It's the way we process things.  It's the way we parent.  There are so many similarities.  I kinda know what I'm going to look like in 29 years.  I kinda know how I will act in 29 years.  I totally know how Ladycakes will feel about me in 29 years (if all goes well.)  29 years from now will be awesome.

Thank you for everything, Everybody.  Here at the Hive, we would have been a sad bunch of bees without you.  When ever any of you are down, please let us bring you a little honey.  We owe you.


  1. You have made me smile reading the latest. You are loved by many and don't forget it!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries