Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zebras Don't Matter

So zebras really don't matter today, unless of course you are a zebra activist and then they matter everyday. But who cares if I SAW a zebra? Not me, I feel really sad for all the people of Haiti. I just watched a video interviewing a woman who runs an orphanage in Haiti. There are 90 children in the orphanage. NINETY! She stated that this earthquake will only increase her occupancy and will make it difficult to keep in contact with the parents of children she already houses. She may never know if those parents are still living.

When Q asks if he can play the Playstation after school, gonna make him read about Haiti. When Ladycakes asks what she can have for a snack after school, gonna make her read about Haiti. When Elvis starts whining about Q not playing with him, gonna make him listen to Q and Ladycakes read about Haiti.

Here at the Hive we are thinking about Haiti today and tomorrow and the next day. If I could grab those 90 babes and bring them here, I would. Make them all new little bees. I wish I could hug each one for just a minute. Rock them a bit. Hum in the ears and just tell them it's going to be alright.

I guess I'll do that with the 3 bees I have. And be glad.

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  1. My stomach is just churning, thinking of what is going on down there. I'll admit that I've been hugging my little guy as much as I can.


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