Friday, January 8, 2010

WARNING: These images are not flattering!

Mr. Handsome and I are always up for some cheap thrills. We aren't, generally, ones to pay for entertainment. We figure we can create our own. This is what we do when the little bees have been tucked in here at the hive.

I lay down on the floor with my camera in hand. This is not sexy despite that sentence, in fact as the title suggests, it's VERY unflattering. And Mr. Handsome busts out the beef jerky. Again, it may sound provocative but in that sentence "beef jerky" really means beef jerky.

He places the beef jerky on my forehead. Wow, this is sounding really bad.

That Naughty Dog and his Accomplice begin to swarm. I am trying to keep the camera at the right angle.
The Accomplice makes the first move. Who would have thought That Naughty Dog is a bit intimidated by the flash.
She goes in, jowls and all. And takes the prize. It's beef jerky for heaven's sake.

Clearly, I have no pride here. But it's hilarious. I laugh, Mr. Handsome laughs. The Accomplice lays down by me hoping that more beef jerky will magically appear on my face. Mr. Handsome is threatening to put some right on my can see his hand there, moving in.

The dogs are psyched. Turns out they like cheap thrills too.

We need to get a life!


  1. its actually pretty great that you guys can crack up together - and thats the coolest photo on the block, where you're cracking up and trying to avoid jerky in the mouth all at once!... thanks for visiting me, too... :)

  2. I love this! We are always up for free fun. Don't have a dog so do you think I can get one of my twins to do this?

  3. I am soooo freaking glad that you and I are related. We are funny. And damn attractive!

  4. we need a pet in our house!

  5. I resent that you did not give credit to the person who trained you for such skills. Remember seagulls and french fries?

  6. Dear Jen, I hate to be the one to break it to you but that is a little odd. I love you anyways and clearly so do the pooches. LOL and LOL again. So funny.

  7. Love it! Next time call your neighbors over please!


Thanks Carol@ Songberries