Sunday, February 28, 2010

Love in an Elevator, can I see you later and love you just a little more?

A weekend spent at Macy's is a weekend for the record books.  Okay it wasn't a weekend it was an hour on Sunday, but it felt like a weekend.  Oy.  Here's me making funny faces into the mirror in the dressing room whilst Q modeled "skinny jeans" for Mr. Handsome and Ladycakes.  Why do I get stuck backstage?  Totally dealing with the fray!  My opinion doesn't matter.  It leaves me making funny faces in the mirror and photographing them.

Okay, skinny jeans for Q.  Boys dig the skinny jeans.  It's crazy fun shopping for these bad boys. Check the teal!  #1 on Q's list.  We did remind him that some 3rd graders might find the teal skinny jeans a bit "flashy" but he's willing to deal with the ridicule.  I am raising my own Stephen Tyler, (hopefully without the drug abuse) but my boy has a rock 'n roll attitude.  I love it.  I have it but don't know how to show it.  The teal skinny jeans rock my world.

So rock 'roll.  Look how cute that boy is.  Now if the skinny jeans affect his school work the shit's coming down.  Mama's takin' those jeans and making you wear khakis.  But boy, you crack me up.  I love the swagger those skinny jeans give you. I'll keep that swagger in check but a little swagger goes a long way.

Elvis insisted on getting his own skinny jeans.  Red and black.  Oh my Hell it's AC/DC at it's finest.  And he's 4.  Wow!  Hilarious.  They rock those skinny jeans, my boys.  Ladycakes scammed some Roxy sweatpants because she has figured out I'm a SUCKA'!

We saw great art this weekend.  The Kimball Art Center is amazing and offers terrific exhibits.  We are so lucky being in a small town and an incredible art community.  We checked out this exhibit this weekend.  4 to 79 (years) enjoyed it (we saw it with grandparents, but everyone enjoyed.)

Pictures check them.... there is SO much to this exhibit.  It's full of themes and has so many strange contradictions.  It's political, religious, contradictory, incredible.

I love the fact that men and boys can be creative and flashy.  I learned that at the art exhibit and the skinny jean shopping.  Boys and Men have a lot to express.  And, their expression should be celebrated. I love what these incredibly creative people do, it's brilliant.



  1. cool, coolio...
    remember when skinny jeans were just the ones they sold? like, the ones that fit?! hee hee... yay to you and yours!!

  2. The fact that I see kids wearing weezer shirts is hilarious to me. Cause not only was I rockin' Weezer back in highschool, I scoped them out backstage in my former life of a band groupie.
    And I am not that young. Those dudes are old now.

  3. you are so funny! LOVE, LOVE, lOVE the skinny jeans! I say Rock on in the turquoise and red and black skinny jeans, so cute! :) and the art exhibit... wow!


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