Monday, November 16, 2009

A real punch in the gnards! The "g" is silent.

With 3 sick kids, dangerous road conditions and an inkling of questioning my better judgement, Ladycakes and I managed to make it to the Jewish Arts Festival in Salt Lake City yesterday. Even though she felt under the weather, Ladycakes rose to the occasion (she always does!). Next year, when I go to sign up for this thing again, remind me. It is NOT a money maker. It's fun and festive but NOT a money maker. And I'll be all "But we have all this stuff we've made and I just know people are going to buy it." And then you will yell at me, "NOT A MONEY MAKER!"

We did, however, hang out with very cool, new friends. McKenzie and Summer, our frame friends are charming. Pictures of frames to come tomorrow.
And, Alisha from Threadheads works magic with knitting needles and crochet hooks. And she's funny, I mean really funny. And you know how I feel about funny. If you can make me laugh, we are friends for life. She'll be at the Holiday Boutique here, next weekend. Look what we bought.....the buttons are from Nepal! Don't you think it gives me more of a chin? I'm sensitive about my profile but this works for me. Alisha said she might start calling them "The chinny, chin, chin!" I'm loving that!
I don't intend to take my purchases off until April. Baby, it's cold outside!

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