Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Roller Coasters Holy Rollers

Mr. Handsome bought me an ipod. Which is awesome because he has an ipod, Ladycakes has an ipod, even Q has an ipod. Elvis doesn't have one yet but I can guarantee he knows how to use one. I love that Mr. Handsome wants me to be current. You know hip and technologically savvy. However, when he also purchased the car jack to go with said ipod i knew there was more to it. You see, when driving in my car you hear just about one thing. Radio Disney. Which means, you actually hear Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana CONSTANTLY! Mr. Handsome just can't take it anymore. He will NOT "nod his head like yea" and "move his hips like yea." And honestly, can you blame him? So my ipod is really an ipod for the car. That's cool. I'm okay with that. However, now we have a new problem. The car's ipod only has 108 songs on it. Yep, you read that right. Only 108. Most ipod owners have like 108,000 songs. Shuffling 108 songs isn't easy. Now we hear the same 108 songs over and over. None of them being Hannah Montana. I tried to buy this song on iTunes but couldn't find it. I've decided that it will be a part of my Life Soundtrack. I'm working on a Life Soundtrack. It's my group of songs that play in my head as I go along with my daily activities. Can't you hear it playing as I am cleaning up the breakfast dishes all while the title sequence is rolling for today's episode?

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  1. Ok-you were right-much better when I follow the flow of the blog. Love the Roller Coaster Song! Looking forward to your Life Soundtrack, no doubt it will be fantastic! HB


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