Saturday, November 28, 2009

The lessons you learn at Disneyland

Lesson #1. I try to make every situation a lesson. This lesson was learned standing in line for The Buzz Lightyear Ride after being shuffled to the front of the line because in my mind, I'm charming!

Me: "You know Ladycakes, I've really learned something today."

Ladycakes: "Really, what?"

Me: "If you smile, are polite and look people in the eye you get all sorts of perks. They scoot you right to head of the line. Life is good for polite, happy people."

Ladycakes: "Seriously, you are JUST now learning that?"

Me, to myself: " That smart a**, she's just like her father."

Lesson #2. These above few rules can be applied to almost any life situation. Especially the hands and legs stuff. Those are important parts, they should stay in the vehicle!

Lesson #3. There is nothing cuter than a boy and a bear. It's the lesson to stop and enjoy the cuteness. Cuz when the boy is as hairy as the bear, will I think he's as cute? Maybe, probably!

Lesson #4. Some turkeys have all the luck. Again, this applies to all aspects of life. This turkey really has ALL the luck. This is "Courage" the turkey pardoned by President Obama. Seriously? They had a huge parade for a turkey. It took us 30 minutes to get to Frontier Land because of a turkey! This turkey will live out the rest of his turkey days with a girl turkey named "Caroline" in the Happiest Place on Earth. Their baby turkeys will not "gobble" they will whistle "Zippity Doo Dah, Zippity Ay."

See told you I make every situation a lesson. It either makes me an awesome Mom or a totally annoying one. Either way, don't matter to me!

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