Monday, November 30, 2009

Q is quitting school and becoming a Magician.

Let's just say this crew really enjoyed some time off. Like seriously, look at our faces.

Mr. Handsome proved once again, he is the coolest guy I know. Who can pose like that while being whipped around on a roller coaster? He has another picture where he was eating a doughnut and talking on the phone. It was so hilarious I couldn't even take a picture of the picture.

But on that note, we did remember that we like hanging out with each other. It's fun and funny and silly.

But then I said, "When we get home, we should start decorating for Christmas, because I'm totally inspired." And poor Mr. Handsome was all "UGGGGHHHH!, I loved you in that last picture but now I'm over you."

So do want to know why Q is quitting school? Well, this was waiting for us when we arrived at home. The most awesome magic kit EVER! He's becoming a magician. His super, duper friend LaTobian Burkiason left this for him. He couldn't be happier. He's perfecting the bending spoon trick. If you need entertainment for your holiday parties, he'll be available.

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