Monday, November 16, 2009

You should get some too.

Look, look, look. Look what I got! As promised, here they are. The cutest frames in the WORLD! These are the two Ladycakes and I just had to have. I must admit however, it was a very difficult decision. The gals make frames to please any color palette, 3 different sizes and SO many options. It's crazy cool. I think these would make great gifts for teachers or grandparents, wives or sisters. And, imagine if you had this talented gal take pictures for you to put in these here frames.

Do you have anymore money you would like me to spend? I'll do it, I really will.

Last little comment on the Jewish Arts Festival and then I am movin' on. I met a really interesting woman from Missouri. Her name is Batya Rich. She is kind, inspiring and extremely talented. Her glass mezuzahs are breathtaking. While I am not Jewish, I love the idea of a mezuzah. I like to think of our house as a sacred, spiritual place where all are welcome and respected. This would be a nice little reminder for me and my family, as well as our guests. Read about her here, I think she's terrific.

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