Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gumballs + Plastic Bags + Ribbon + A super cool tool = A happy 9 year old.

What do you do when it's 10:30 in the evening, you've done more pre-algebra than you ever remember doing and you suddenly realize you have totally forgotten that tomorrow your middle child is celebrating his birthday with his 3rd grade class? Panic? Heavens no.

Well, yes you do actually. Then you consider hopping in the car heading to Wal-mart and buying "the crappiest crap in crap town" to fill little bags only for the parents of all those 3rd graders to moan......"uuuggghhh, another birthday?"

Thankfully, Mr. Handsome has a handsome and creative head on his big, strong, handsome shoulders. He calmly reminded me that I bought 2000 green gumballs, just because they were pretty, for our Halloween Open House table. (As I type that sentence, I question my own judgement, but color has a strange power over me.)

So, I pulled out one of my favorite tools, The Super-Sealer and got to work. Within 15 minutes, each child had a small, sealed bag of 6 gorgeous green gumballs (say that 10 times fast) tied with brilliant blue ribbon. I was able to hit my 11 o'clock curfew and the middle child was spared, once again, the life of a middle child.

I love that Super-Sealer so much I could marry it, oh wait, I already have Mr. Handsome.

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