Friday, November 13, 2009

I'd like to introduce you to Sticky Dora.

Ladies and Gentleman, Meet Sticky Dora. I know what you are thinking. "Wait I didn't see a content warning on this blog, I thought this was a family show." Well of course it is. Sticky Dora is one of the coolest toys EVER! She's sticky and kind of disgusting to handle but when you throw her at the ceiling (as hard as you possibly can) she sticks. Then she hangs on for dear life until finally she plummets to her death. That death, at our home, includes not only plummeting but then being totally covered in dog hair. You know, because she's sticky and I don't vacuum.

We have had Sticky Dora for many years now. She has been hiding in my desk. Elvis found her today and we have been giggling ever since. But now, Mr. Handsome is trying to get some work done and that's hard to do when Dora is being hurled above your head and then doing a suicide dive into your workplace. It's a dangerous world out there. Be careful.

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  1. Oh my gosh....I SERIOUSLY need one of these. I'm sad that you bought it years ago b/c my daughter would LOVE one. She's become enamoured with throwing her bath time washcloth at the wall and watching it stick. And of course she's head over heels with Dora too.

    Thanks for stopping by MADE! :)
    - dana


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