Monday, December 21, 2009

40 things.

The Goat - Capricorn explained.
December 22 to January 20

Capricorn Traits

Practical and prudent
Ambitious and disciplined
Patient and careful
Humorous and reserved

On the dark side....

Pessimistic and fatalistic
Miserly and grudging

I have a few things to say. I'm entitled. It's my birthday. I have 40 things I'd like to talk about. It may ramble. It may make sense, it may not. It's all important to me. Fasten your seat belts, it's about to begin. In no particular order.

1. I am really happy. Not every day, because no one is really happy EVERY day. But for the most part I am really happy.

2. My life has not turned out how I thought it would. I'm a dreamer, some things don't happen how we think they will.

3. I am still the same person I was 20 years ago, except I'm different.

4. I am silly most of the time. But I do get really serious and then it's.... well serious.

5. I have had my heart broken. Really broken. I think I'm lucky. When my children deal with this, I will understand.

6. I don't like to watch the same movie over and over. If I've seen it once, I've seen it. However, once convinced I will watch a movie for the second, third or fourth time.

7. I like fruitcake. I like my mom's fruitcake. She thinks I'm a fruitcake for liking her fruitcake.

8. I was a gymnast. I was a good gymnast. Then I was a swimmer, I was a really good swimmer. I loved being both. I loved being good.

9. Babysitter Casserole is one of my favorite recipes. My mom made it up. It involves ground beef, elbow macaroni and cream of mushroom soup. It is delicious and a family recipe.

10. I know my very best friend. Her name is Chris Brown. She is THE best friend I have ever had. And, I still know her. I met her when I was 5. 35 years ago. If I could see her today, she would make me laugh so hard I would spit milk in her face or out my nose. Either way, don't matter. I adore her.

11. I have been pregnant 4 times. The 2nd time was the worst. I didn't have a baby the second time. It broke my heart.

12. My brother is amazing. I have always been in awe of him. He is an amazing artist. Terrificly funny. Crack me up funny. He challenges our parents. I respect him and love him.

13. I love my sister-in-law. I know. Crazy, right? I love her. She is charming, beautiful and loves my brother. I'm lucky.

14. I love my other sister-in-law. She's married to my husband's oldest brother. I love her. She smart. She's funny. She respects me. I totally respect her. Together we will keep this thing moving. We will move mountains. She's amazing.

15. I love sour patch kids, hershey bars and twix. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

16. Movies I have enjoyed are, Nanny McPhee, Elf, The Hangover, Old School...... There have to be more, they'll show up late.

17. I wish I could sing. In front of a crowd. And dance.

18. I have danced, late at night with really good friends, to Madonna. And filmed it. And then watched it. And then laughed really loud. It was classic and fun and worth every minute of drunken-ess.

19. I know my sister. I don't have a sister. But I know who it would be if I had one. She is the most amazing woman I know. Her name is Geri. Her dad looks like my dad. Her mom is my other mom. I want to be Geri. I love her with all of my heart. She is smart, creative, generous and amazing. She is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.

20. I LOVE MY HUSBAND! He drives me crazy, he makes me laugh, he loves me unconditionally, he gives me more than you can imagine. I LOVE HIM LIKE CRAZY.

21. I will eat cake batter out of the bowl. Without hesitation. Raw eggs. So what. I will eat cake batter out of the bowl.

22. Twenty two is my favorite number. It is the perfect number. I don't know why it just feels right.

23. Seagrams-7 and diet sprite is my drink of choice. I will also drink Bacardi and diet coke. Jose Cuervo and Crystal Light lemonade. Vodka and I don't know. I don't love wine or beer. But I won't turn it away.

24. I love the smell of lavender. I wish I could grow lavender. I live at high altitude. I can't grow lavender.

25. My children are my greatest achievements. I will not have a greater achievement. They are amazing. Every day they amaze me. They are smart, kind, beautiful and incredible. They will be outstanding adults.

26. I love my parents. They don't drive my crazy. I hope to be half the adult they both are. They have worked incredibly hard for what they have. I hope I can be like them.

27. I have no clue how to apply make-up. I so desperately want to have "smoky eyes" It just turns out a mess. Like rock star falls asleep in her make-up bad. Some day. Some day.

28. I have learned to hate. I hate that. But I do hate.

29. It takes huge effort to make me get out and do something. I throw a fit, find a bunch of stuff to do and then alphabetize something before I go outside and do something. Then I go outside and do something and I love it.

30. I am an enormous pain in the ass.

31. I rarely communicate with anyone from my high school years. I tried Facebook for a while. It did not bring out the best in me. It's ugly. It's silly. My husband brought that to my attention. See why I love him? He reminds me of the what is important.

32. I dream of being a farmer. I want to have chickens and goats and a garden of sorts. I cannot slaughter anything so I will have to be a vegetarian farmer or buy my meat at Costco. I would love to raise bees. I'm allergic to bees.

33. I buy things in bulk. Not just bulk but pallets. If I can buy a "lot" of something I will. A "pallet" bring it on. I should have been raised in another era or another religion.

34. My friend Laura, is remarkable. She is who I hope to be 28 years from now. I don't know how old Laura is so I'm assuming. You know about assuming. "It makes an ASS out of U and Me." I love what she loves, I love her. I feel really lucky to have her in my life.

35. I have owned quite a few pets in my life. From the pets at my house w/ parents...Samurai, my first cat that was mine. To animals we have owned into marriage and parenthood. I love them all. Jack, Sheba, Bojo, Hagen, Emma, Titus. Some are still with us, some are not. I hate losing them.

36. I have great friends. I have great friends who are parents to my kid's great friends. I score.

37. Hilary is adorable, loveable and smart. She has a great sense of style, I envy it. She is an amazing mom and SHE'S MY FRIEND.

38. LeeAnne is beautiful, fashionable and hilarious. She handles people like you wouldn't believe, she could be the First Lady. In fact, that's what I'm going to start calling her. She is an amazing mom and SHE'S MY FRIEND.

39. I'm crafty. Crazy crafty. I have a ton of craft material in my midst. I have pom-poms, fabric, glue, paste, adhesive, pins, thread, felt, paper, foam, paint, glitter, fringe, stamps, buttons, beads, you name it I've got it. And, by golly, I'm gonna use it.

40. I'm 40 and Holy Shit I'm going to shine. This is it folks. Look out. Here I come!



  2. happy birthday! i liked the list... got lost in it... happy days again. I hear 40 is the new 30. is it? :)

  3. You forgot one! You are the most unconditional, trustworthy, funny, non-judgmental,loving friend.


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