Thursday, December 10, 2009

I got caught crafting in public and I LIKED it.

Those of you who have been tuning in have noticed I enjoy craft blogs. Have you been wondering about my crafting skills? Have you been asking, "Does this woman have any creative abilities?" Well, I don't know because my self-esteem is not what it should be, but here we go anyway. Meet my sewing machine. It's a Pfaff 1222. I love this thing. It was my Grandma's. It's amazing. I think she would be proud that I use it.

Meet what I have been working on this week. Dog toys. I love dogs. I love to sew. I got caught crafting in public. Mr. Handsome tolerated me taking a bag of fiber-fill into a swim meet so I could stuff dog toys. He tolerated a conversation between myself and a voyeur crafter (some lady staring at me while I stuffed dog toys at the swim meet.) I will admit when it comes to being creative and talking crafts, I'm pretty passionate. Mr. Handsome has gotten used to this, he puts up with me. I think he thinks it's sexy. This is how my conversation went, in abbreviated form.

craft voyeur: "Excuse me, what are you making?"

me (a bit shocked): "Oh, they are dog toys."

C.V.: "I thought so, but then I wasn't sure. They're cute."

me (still a bit shocked): "Thanks, they are really fun to make. Do you sew?"

C.V.: "Yes, I do. I just finished hand-piecing quilts for my boys for Christmas."

me: "Wow, that's impressive. Will they like that for Christmas?"

C.V.: "I sure hope so."

me, thinking to myself: "My boys would be totally pissed if I gave them hand-pieced quilts for Christmas. Q would want to know how his Wii remote plugs into the quilt and Elvis would be looking for how it becomes a Transformer."

C.V.:"Do you sell your dog toys online?"

me (embarrassed because how many times has Mr. Handsome said, "you should sell those online"): "Oh no! I just have friends who buy them from me."

Mr. Handsome: SCOWL!

me: "Have fun sewing!"`

So after recycling Calvin Kleins that I have been saving since 1987. And loving every minute of it. Here are the personalized dog toys, complete with squeakies inside. The luckiest dogs in all of Oregon are receiving these as Christmas gifts because of my cute friend, Geri. And while we are at it. Meet the Wonder Dogs. Our dogs. We love them as much as we love our children. They are amazing.

Left, is Titus, the one-eyed Wonder or "That Naughty Dog (TND)". On the right is Emma or "TND's accomplice". She's as naughty as he is, only she comes off as innocent. Just like Mr. Handsome! TND is new to us. Adopted at 8 years old. We are just getting to know him. He LOVES to eat. Want to see what he loves to eat? Here we go.....

One bag of Generic Frosted Flakes. I buy bag cereal. It's cheaper.

Bread, any kind of bread. Bread off the counter is the best. White, wheat, rye. Doesn't matter.

A little frozen chili with some Ziploc bag to go with that bread? Even better. No matter that it's frozen. TND loves a challenge. He has also eaten 2 lbs. of raw ground beef with the styrofoam tray, 23 cupcakes and 18 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (That's a whole story in itself, Hey Jay!) I have a new list on my sidebar. It's what TND has eaten and survived. I love that dog so much I'm making him dog toys for Christmas. He'll probably eat them.

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  1. Love the dog toys and your crafting in public story. My son would have felt the same way about a quilt for Christmas. He's almost 20 now, so he might be a litle more appreciative- no, on second thought, he stil wants toys. He asked for a wireless adapter for his X Box.
    I hope your pups don't eat their Christmas present.


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